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suffering in silence


i suffer from what my consultant has told me is "aggressive rheumatoid arthritis" also diagnosed with bronchiectasis and a recent Myocardio gram had come back as abnormal! i struggle to bear weight on hips knees feet, cant use crutches due to painfull hands elbows and shoulders at the moment im struggling to sit up due to hip an back pain. what benefit would i b able to claim


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It might be a good idea to contact Citizens Advice or some other organisation offering benefits advice that can help you find out what you can claim. It’s hard for anyone here to suggest what you might be entitled to since any advice would be based purely on our own experience. The likes of CAB on the other hand are the professionals who will have access to all the information that you need, and can help you to make claims. Good luck.


As others have suggested try cab or there’s Benefits and Work on line I have found very helpful, also Job Centre Plus may point you in the right direction. Also NRAS have benefits help on their web site too.

Hope you get some help soon.


I would think that you would be able to get PIP and it is certainly worth trying it. I am just like you and feel that I am at my wit's end with pain everywhere and not being able to do anything much. It is even painful to hold a book up to read. It seems that others can do most things like going out for a walk etc but I can do nothing and all the rheumatologist does is to give me painkillers and keep me on Methotrexate and Hydroxy etc. This last year I have gone downhill so much and so fast and it worries me.

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Hi holly-willow, you probably have had this suggested already but I got a kindle as I couldn’t hold books. I loved reading and was so frustrated but the kindle has brought that pleasure back for me. I also have a holder for it so I don’t even have to hold it, it clamps onto things ie my bedside cabinet or a table ( I have more than one holder so I don’t have to move them) it’s a godsend when you’re limited in what you can do. Great to get lost in a book or magazine 😊

Thank you for your reply Kittyj, I actually do have a Kindle which I have had for about six years now. To be honest though, I am such a book lover and have to many of my own that are still waiting to be read and ones that I want to re-read that I never really got into using the Kindle. However, I have recently round a gadget where you can prop up a book instead of holding it yourself. It is like a little blue sofa with a lip at the bottom and you can rest it on your legs or a table etc and read a book like that. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I am hoping it will work. My son bought me a book for Mother's Day last year and it is really heavy and big, it is the biography of Andrew Lloyd-Webber and I don't think that even this new thing will hold that one up. My son didn't realise it would be that size when he ordered it. It would be handy if places like Amazon would put the weight of a book on the description. It's good to talk to you and I hope things pick up for you soon. xx

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Thanks holly-willow. It is hard when people get you presents you love but know you will find it difficult to use. I hope you find a way to read your huge book soon. x

Hi holly-willow. I found a kindle helped when I couldn’t hold books, but now have the kindle app on my iPhone so it’s even easier. xx

Thank you for this idea. I have just answered Kittyj who has suggested the same thing, so instead of me writing it all out again, perhaps you could read that. It is good of you to make the suggestion. It will be something I will have to do if I can't manage in the end I suppose.

Hi united61

I hope you’ll get the advice you need. All the replies you’ve had are good. Please get advice quickly before filling in any PIP forms. As many people on here will know, you really need the help of someone who knows the words to describe the pain you are in. Also, start to keep a diary of your pain & the things that cause you difficulty eg. bending to put socks, shoes, trousers etc. If you have difficulty with buttons, knives & forks, preparing meals etc. Make sure you write or type everything down however insignificant it sounds. It will come in useful when you fill in any forms. Good luck. Nic xx

Just thought I let everyone know I’ve been awarded limited work capability and work related activities 👍🏼 So I called PIP and opened a new claim, hoping I qualify as well coz I struggle to walk without severe pain

Will keep you guys posted

Also thanks to all who replied to my earlier msges


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