If I lost my symptoms can anyone diagnose my illness,here goes

Severe hot flushes,no appetite,urine strong smell and contains blood,confusion,pain severe in left lung,pain in every joint,diaorhea and constipation.Refused a test by my GP,can anyone diagnose.Should mention was a care assistant for nine years and had many clients with M.R.S.A.Does that help?

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  • Can't diagnose, but blood in urine needs investigation. See another gp

  • Hi Ray

    It would be very unwise fir anyone but a medical professional to offer any diagnosis. However, your combined symptoms seem significant and I would urge you to return to your gp or demand a second opinion.

    Failing that, present yourself at accident and emergency.

    Wishing you a timely resolution.


  • It a great big NO, you need to go see your GP, asap or wait, if you have blood in your pee, then no one can help on here I'm sorry to say, GP in the morning.

    Best of luck.

  • I heartily agree. Blood in the urine cannot be ignored. It may be an easily treatable bladder infection, but only a doctor can diagnose that.

  • UTI?

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