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Anyone else

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Keep getting this horrible pain at top of me right arm to the point were to lift it is absolutely agony carnt pin point the pain its mad its the muscle feels like ive been hit in the top of me arm but when i lift it it hurts like mad and just drops n theres no strength in it ive taken naproxen but no affect , the dr says ive just slept funny but i havent cause i slept sat up in the chair cause it seems to be the only place i can get relaxed was wondering if anyone else gets it and if so wat is it please

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You can pinch a nerve sitting in a chair as easily as lying down, sorry! And that can cause tendonitis/bursitis of the shoulder which is painful. But that can also be caused by the RA if you have active inflammation. Does your doctor know much about RA?

Use ice, and try to stretch very, very gently to help ease the pain. And if it does go in a few days head back to the doctor.

See another dr if it persists

Did you fall on it when you fell down the stairs, or maybe you pulled something trying to stop yourself falling. I’d see your GP if it doesn’t get better in a few days plus ice or heat might help in the meantime. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Thomas,

That was my first symptom with RA! Like you sat in a chair all night as the pain was unbearable. My doctor assumed it was a problem with my cuff in the left arm!! But a few days later i had same pain in my right arm followed by pain my left knee then right knee, within days all my joints were painful. Had bloods gone came back positive. Go and see your doctor. Hope you feel better

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Thomsk in reply to Jaxine

Thank you miss thats exactly wats going on with me

When I fell last year I torn my rotator cuff in my left arm makes lifting arm painful. Consultant not going to do anything unless it gets worse. Have you fallen on that arm, had MRI which showed the problem. I'd go back and ask for a referral x

Can I ask have you taken steroids ?

Hi Thomsk

This is exactly how my RA diagnosis started my right shoulder so much pain could not lift arm dress move drive got so bad pain was excruciating anyway 2 years on after being diagnosed with RA and trying several drugs there were weeks where shoulder would freeze up and I was eventually told that as well as the RA I had a frozen shoulder . Please go back and ask for CT scan the quality of my life improved after I was given a CT guided injection. Good luck I hope you will not have to suffer too much longer .

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