worst day yet,,

i just cant believe the pain ive been in today its the worst since ive been diagnosed i couldnt lift kettle turn taps on brush hair or do any of the normal everyday things,ive been taking paracetamol every four hours and using hot and cold pads but nothings working i have also just woke up from a 3 hr sleep which is very unusual for me ,i think i know now this RA isnt going to go away and i need to face up to it so will make appointment to see gp and get some stronger pain killers my next rhumey app isnt till jan,sorry to go on i really feel for people in pain all the time ,normally taking paracetamol eases my symptoms but not today,x

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  • Hi Flowers, so sorry to hear you're in so much pain right now. Have you been in touch with your rheumy team to let them know that your medication isn't working. Perhaps they'll bring your appointment forward or give you a steroid jab to tide you over. I find when I'm in a lot of pain it helps to take ibuprofen as well as paracetamol but his is something I agreed first with my GP and rheumatologist. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs to you x

  • i dont know how to contact my rheumy was never told anything on my first appointment i dont think i took much in to be honest,xx

  • Try calling your hospital switchboard and ask for the rheumatology clinic. A lot of hospitals have advice lines run by rheumatology specialist nurses. With mine you leave a message on the answer machine and they call you back, usually the same day. If you can't get anywhere with that your GP may have details. Also you can get support and advice from the NRAS helpline on 08002987650. x

  • Poor you. I remember that all over pain and inability to do anything. Steroid jabs (systemic, 180mg) made a big difference and tied me over. Hope you can get some relief soon.

  • i did have a steroid jab on my first appointment but didnt start meds till about 2mts later as was going to Egypt for hols and didnt want to have any side effects while there ,,i been on dmards for 5 wks now with no improvment at all,x

  • Poor you. Everyone is different but I know it took several months for Methotrexate to have any effect on me. I eventually went I to Bio.ogics, but there's a strict protocol, funding-led, of course. Excuse rotten typing. Fingers too stiff and correction is tiresome on this site.

  • Hiya flowers. Did you not go to your GP? Please do if you didn't, this is going on too long & you need help either from him or your Rheumy if he'll expedite your appointment. Your HCQ will be working but you need something to ease the pain & inflammation until it becomes effective. That could be another steroid injection or a more effective NSAID but the longer you leave it the harder it'll become to cope as it's affecting your sleeping. Make that appointment.....tomorrow!!

  • Ring and see if you can pull your rhumy appointed forwarded. I do it all time. Go to your gp to see if they will help. But my Gp told me he would do nothing to help me regarding my rheumatoid arthritis. So I see my rhumy every 2/3 months.

  • Some hospital clinic/helpline contact numbers can be found on the hospital website or if you received a copy of the appointment notes it may be on the top of that letter. Farm

  • You really need to be seen again very soon. The amount of pain (Oh, how can I forget being just like that!) is signalling that your RD is not controlled. You need advice on what to do urgently.

  • thanks for replies everyone have took advice and got gp appointment cant take anymore pain,x

  • Oh good. I hope he can help & he prescribes something that helps you but best not to leave it so long another time, you were sounding desperate & you shouldn't really let it get to that stage.

    I totally understand how you feel & hope you didn't think I was being shouty but since I had a pain med review & prescribed something that's helping I've been sleeping so much better as being so tired has a knock on effect on coping & makes things so much more difficult than it needs to be, especially when the people who could help are only a phone call away. x

  • Hi flowers89,

    so sorry that you are feeling so bad. All good suggestions and as paulywoo says if you need to, you can call us for help and support on:

    0800 298 7650 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm

    Hope things improves soon.

    Best wishes

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • ive been to gp who was great he said i shouldnt be in pain like that he gave me painkillers and the helpline for my rhumey which i will ring in morning to see what they can do for me hopefully another steroid jab till dmards start working thank you again for your help your all great and i really appreciate your comments,,if it wasnt for you i would probably still be sat here hoping it will go away lol,xx

  • Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, I am going through the exact same, RD is uncontrolled at the minute and have been prescribed morphine for the pain..trust us when we say it will get better, we have all went through it and are going through..iys awful but we pull through, once your RD is controlled you will feel much better, nothing worse than pain, constant pain is tiresome and can get you down..there is light at the end of our tunnel x

  • Thanks IainM wow yours must be bad to be on morphine hope you get sorted soon,,yes constant pain and lack of sleep does wear you down,x

  • It can be horrible, Im currently staying awake aslong as possible to get tired enough to go to sleep for longer than an hour without waking in agony, even with morphine the pain is still there, hole you get yours under control soon, and begin to feel better x

  • i know that feeling waking up all the time not good at all,well my good news is i took painkillers before bed and slept a whole 8hrs cant believe it lol bad news i still woke up in pain but hey its a start off to ring my hospital helpline and see what they recommend,take care chat soon,x

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