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How quickly does Methotrexate work?

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I started Methotrexate a month ago so I’ve taken 4 doses of only 7.5 mg each but 2 days ago I noticed the pain and stiffness was much less and I could actually use my hands without being in agony. Would Methotrexate work so fast? I was also told to stop the Sulfasalazine that I had taken since being diagnosed 16yrs ago as I was losing so much hair. I had X-rays on my hands and shoulders and have just had a letter from my consultant to say they show Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. Really shocked about the Osteoporosis. I have to have blood tests on Friday for Vitamin D, bone profile and PTH. Then a DXA Scan, so two questions really. 1, could Methotrexate work so fast and does anyone else have Osteoporosis as I see taking Omeprozole can cause bone thinning? Also I’m wishing everyone a very Happy painfree Christmas and a big thank you to you all. I’ve had a tough year and this site has been such a help to me .

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Hello and a Merry Christmas to you too ! Yes I noticed an improvement very quickly with methotrexate, within a few doses, but unfortunately I have a lot of side effects and can't maintain a high enough dose but you may be fine.

It's good that you are feeling better, which may or may not be due to the methotrexate - or to the usual variation of this disease.

Make the most of it while you are feeling better and get some weight bearing exercise in to improve your bone density!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, I've had great success with the Methetrexate alongside Humira xxx

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