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Loughborough Uni Student requesting help on product design. If you live locally can you help him?

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NRAS always try to help students if possible as they are the movers and shakers of the future. Here's a message from a young man looking at designing a product to aid with travelling with medical devices and medicines. Please reply directly to him if you are interested. DO NOT POST REPLIES TO HIM ON THIS FORUM AS HE WILL NOT SEE THEM. Thank you.

REQUEST; my ame is Andrew Clow and I'm a student at Loughborough university studying product design. I'm currently in the research stage of my final year project Many people live with medical conditions that require storing and administering an injectable, temperature sensitive medication. The aim of this study is to find how users currently store and travel with their medication. We would like to explore the problems that users face when storing and traveling with their medications.

Please email Andrew on : A.C.Clow-15@student.lboro.ac.uk if you are interested in finding out more.

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I don't live locally but have still emailed the young man. My RA meds don't need any special treatment when travelling but my glaucoma eye drops do, so have let him know what I use.

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