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Important message about Private Messaging on this forum


Hi all

We have recently received some allegations of various things being sent through private messages on HealthUnlocked.

Just to be absolutely clear on this, private messages are viewed as being contributions to the HealthUnlocked site and as such must still conform to the community guidelines and terms of use. All the usual guidance on conduct would therefore apply to messages the same as it does posts and questions, including issues such as:

Sending messages containing spam

Sending abusive messages

‘Naming and shaming’ other forum users, for example discussing other forum users in an identifiable manner, whether their name is specifically mentioned or not

Giving medical advice

Further information on this can be found in the full ‘Terms of Use’:

NRAS are not automatically able to view your private messages, but if you receive an unwanted private message that you feel contravenes the community’s ‘Terms of Use’ we would urge you to send a message to: giving your username and the username of the person who sent you the message(s). They will then be able to investigate, with NRAS, to see if appropriate action is needed.

Our intention has always been for HealthUnlocked to be a safe place, for people to speak freely about their condition with other like-minded and sympathetic forum users. It would be very sad if anyone is receiving upsetting private messages and we hope this reassures you that you can do something about it if this happens to you.

Kind regards

Victoria Butler

Senior Information and Support Coordinator

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Well done Victoria, this important message needs to be taken on board by all of us. xx

This is a good idea and i think if people haven't got anything good to say then they should say nothing at


I hope that this can continue as a forum where people feel safe, supported and cared about.

We are all different people who have a common problem that affects us all physically and emotionally, in different ways, to different degrees and at different times.

I would like to think that as contributors we should be the first to appreciate the importance of this lifeline to ALL of us without feeling judged or vilified.

It is important to have a post like this to remind us that we can and will put any differences aside and make this a trusted site.

Quite sad this has to be said at all, you'd think it was common sense. I came back to the forum thinking it was back to normal but maybe not :(

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Hiya, I'm a newcomer to this forum so quite disappointed to read this about PM's. I hope you don't mind but what do you mean that you came back to the forum thinking it was back to normal as this worries me a bit? :(

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Hello Kiki! I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to worry you or anyone else! The vast majority of members are extremely kind and helpful so please don't let this put you off!! Christine xx


I agree with all that has been said and it is sad however I do hope that these issues can now be eradicated.


Glad to see that this message has been published. The site is an excellent forum for exchanging news information and most of all friendship and care. We need to be aware that the site is a safe place in which to share our thoughts and feelings, without being judged or criticised.

Monitoring is everyones business. Keep up the good work everyone. As my GP said" We can conquer this together" lets move forward together.

Thanks Victoria for your comments. It is a shame that some people are so bitter and small minded to abuse a site such as this. We all need to be able to air how we feel with this rotten complaint and we don't need nasty mean individuals spoiling it for the rest of us.

Well people will be people, and sad to say there are nasty's out there .Monitoring is good ! Is there such a thing as banning from the site ?

I'm not supposed to go back to see my consultant until 21 November but in that much pain with knees had to ring secretary to get me in so got an appointment to se him tomoz at 3.40 hope he will do something positive before my holiday in sept as I don't wanna go on holiday in this much pain will be a total waste of £2300 even if it's just a steroid injection that he did in the left even then it didn't really help FED UP

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