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my little ones in new rugs not off the topic

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its not easy when you have bad days like this morning, they had their new winter rugs on and its wet but warm again today so they be too hot.

I had to change their rugs this morning

if they need anything done like that I normally do it in the evenings, as mornings are a struggle at the best of times.

but had to do it this morning, all those clips buckles and them not keeping still wasn't easy this morning

but I am not giving in ,I done it

I think of all those young people who have babies and children with this blinking condition and my heart goes out to them, I wonder how they cope sometimes.

my little ones do keep me going though as I am sure theirs do them xx

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Aw they are soooo cute x with you on people with families: I wouldn’t have coped well if my kids were still young.

Are they Shetlands? I can understand the difficulty of rigging when the weather is a bit variable :)

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Hi yannibaci, one is half Shetland a cross, the one nearest is the cross the other is real miniature horse, sunshine and ella

They are so cute. My RA didn’t properly start until my children were teenagers. I certainly couldn’t have managed if they were babies and toddlers.

Ahh, love this Veronica. If only all animals were treated this way. Good on you Xx

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