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I don’t post much but thought I would give a brief resume of the past few months - really to assure you if any of you ever feel at the end of your tether.

Diagnosed in March this year, i found it hard to take in, as I’ve never been an ill person. However, Methotrexate and hydroxychloriquine soon brought the RA under good control. Alongside this I had a kidney cyst ( simple benign cyst picked up in a lumbar MRI scan in 2013) scanned as a routine follow-up. Result? Low grade renal cancer rather than the simple cyst that gave no symptoms. I spoke to no-one for 3 weeks while I worked it out in my head. I continued working up until last Friday and on Monday I had a partial nephrectomy, here in Kirkcaldy. I’ve never experienced so much pain in my life but I’m through it, and can now resume my life. My surgeon (note the proprietorial wording!) was young and quite frankly amazing and his attitude towards the whole thing has been positive all the way. Fortunately the tumour was contained so no further treatment envisaged.

I’m going home tonight if the drain can come out today, 3 days ahead of schedule. All I need now is to resume the Methotrexate, as my joints are now beginning to inflame a bit - I only had to miss one injection.

Writing this, and re-reading it, it sounds a bit blasé, which, I assure you is merely the way our body deals with trauma. Blase I was not in July - I was sure I was going to die. Never having had an anaesthetic before, it was terrifying to think I might not wake up. The pre-op assessment made sure all was well, so if anything like this happens to any of you, don’t worry. My fears in July seem ridiculous now - but they were very real.

All best for now

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Thank you for your post. It is always super to read such posts.

I wish you well for the future. Take care. ☺

I wish you well in recovery!

What an amazing story ❤️ Especially as I’m waiting for my results on a cyst they think may be cancerous on my ovary x it’s over 5 inches in size x Scared is an understatement 😬 Thank you for your positivity 💕

Try to take in every single detail the consultant gives you and remember they will tell you the truth so don’t go putting arms and legs on. The thing is, and it’s a sad fact, that the consultant and his team are your best friends through this. No one else can understand unless they have gone through the same. Best of luck with what comes next. Janet

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Jane76 in reply to Doughnut61

Hi I had a cyst on my ovary. They found it when I went for my first scan when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. They told me it was over 12 inches like a massive watermelon. They operated on me a week later as it had to come out ASAP. They didn’t think I’d be able to keep my baby but I did after a really bad recovery and continuing being pregnant was painful. That wonderful baby is 19 years old now!!

Obviously mine wasn’t cancer thankfully. But it’s probably the worst operation and recovery I’ve ever had, and I’ve had quite a few. Take one day at a time. Hope it all goes well xx

Thank you and I’m glad your scare turned out well and your child was safe. It is scary though how these things can grow and show no obvious symptoms - or maybe we just don’t take enough care of ourselves. J

I think in my case, everyone comes before me. X

Well done for coming through all of that and being able to write about it so sensibly. I'm sure we all wish you the best for the future.

Thank you for your uplifting and positive post. Wishing you well


Ahh bless you so glad your okay

there is a light at end of tunnel, your proof of that well done

That must have been so scary! So glad you are on the mend, and have had good medical care.

You make sure to rest up and look after yourself.

Very best wishes.

Dear Janet. So good to read your positive story and the good outcome. You stated the facts so simply, something that's far from simple. Thank goodness you had a good team treating/supporting you. Wishing you a full recovery. X

Hi Janet, lovely to hear from you again and thanks for sharing your journey. The month of July must have been frightening for you. I have had many general anisethetics and actually enjoy the sleep because I don't get much normally! The last op I had, in recovery room the nurses were calling my name to wake me up. I said - leave me, I'm quite comfortable here haha! Anyway, glad you got through it all and very kind of you to write and share such a reassuring experience. Best wishes to you. Xx

Thanks all for your replies!

I know how u felt as 2 years ago I had a burst stomach ulcer and underwent emergency repair surgery and ended up in intensive care with all sorts of drips and drains. Unlike u it never once entered my head I might die or had coe close to it in theatre. Anyway the first thing I remember was my throbbing ankle when I came round due to pressure of lying in one position for op. That was the beginning of my arthritic troubles and it's got steadily worse. Pleased u r back on your feet. The body is amazing as I've discovered.

Get well soon speedy recovery 💐

Wow Janet you’re made of strong stuff and you write such an honest and frank post about your experience. I hope you have s speedy recovery and the Methotrexate kicks in quickly. Take care, Sarah xx

Hi there Janet so good to hear your news and upbeat attitude . Take care of yourself, think it must do us all a power of good to be so positive.

Thanks for sharing your experience - that must have really scary, but glad to hear you have come through it so well. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

So glad you have come through such a scary time. Hope you continue to recover and get back on track. Best wishes.

I had a cyst on my liver show up in a scan looking for something else, but it's never been followed up. I guess no symptoms, no need to...but I am a little worried now!So glad you're on the mend and can put it all behind you now.

I think I would ask about it just to be on the safe side.

The way things are, I think we need to take control of our own bodies and try to be insistent against the restraints in place these days in the NHS. Procedures to be followed, etc - yes, I get that, but monitor or follow up should flag up on the NHS computer system - if it doesn’t then that’s an admin error and nothing to do with procedure. BTW I am coming back as a politician!

Thanks for the nudge, I'll ask about it at next GP appointment.

Glad you're coming out the other side of such a scary experience - best wishes for your continuing recovery!

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