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Hydroxychloroquine & Sulphasalazine EC


As the methotrexate did not agree with my body I have been prescribed as above. Is anyone else taking this combination or has

tried them. Just worried about a repeat of last time.

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Don't think it's as toxic as mtx so it might be better for you and it takes so long for your body to adjust I was told at least a year, I've got to start all over again in nxt few week everything is starting to swell and hurt now as I've been off them a while but can't complain had a good run on steroids , anyway hope it helps you fingers crossed

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Thanks I had to come off the methotrexate after a bad reaction

I’m on this as MTX affected my liver badly ☹️ Been on this now for a year and doing well 👍 I almost feel normal again 😘Good luck x

Hi Minty

Before I went on Biologics ( Benepali) I was on both of these .

While they helped a bit they didn’t fully keep my RA in check.

I went onto Benepali and Sulfasaline and it made a huge difference

Hope this helps



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Thanks, they have to work for me or I will lose faith in the system

Hello I'm on Hydroxychloroquine & Sulphasalazine and methotrexate, at first it wasn't working at all and my RA was worse my fingers were deforming, my legs still give me a problem when i try to get up from the sitting, my shoulders and forearms were giving me the worst time, last visit to doc I was going to stop everything I just couldn't take it anymore, but they said stay on at least until next visit which is next week, and I'm glad i did because shoulders don't hurt, arms don't hurt, hands have been good had a thumb flare up last week but it's gone now. The only thing that's worrying me now is i'm breaking out with this rash/hives/bites/itchy bumps all over my body and face, it happened once before and they couldn't figure out what was happening, and now its appearing again, so I got to find out what this is and does it have anything to do with all the meds i'm taking. and another thing when i got my ibuprofen rx refilled the pharmacists told me I shouldn't be taking this because it's toxic with the mixture of meds i'm on, the first time I heard that.

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I was in big trouble last week when the nurse found out I had been taking other pain killers, she told me I have overdosed many times. Told her if I cannot get hold of them then Ii have no other option than to try and sort out my own pain. 400mg of voltarol in a day did not go down too well when mixed with tramadol, but hey it helped

Am on both.got on better when the hydroxychlorine was added Have tried methotrexate but was effecting my liver.

I'm on both and methotrexate. I've been taking sulphasalazine for 6 weeks and having the most common of the side effects, nausea and dizziness. Doc suggested persevering as they should diminish. Before adding the sullhasalazine, I was taking 10mg Pred too as nothing else worked for me. Now reduced Pred to 1 mg a day and will probably stop totally next week and so far, so good. Still have a general ache in my shoulder, but the rest seems under control. It's a balancing act and I realise rather trial and error. It's taken me just over two years to get to this point.


Feel for you, we just have to keep chipping away at it other wise it will wear you down

I started on sulfasazine then added hydroxy chloroquine as my disease developed. The combination worked well for a number of years in my case. My disease continued to progress so I added MTX. The triple therapy worked again for a few years.

I am now on Cimzia, MTX and Hydroxy chloroquine.

Two things to note: sulfasazine can make your sweat and urine yellow, this can stain light coloured clothing; both drugs can increase sensitivity to sunlight. Use high factor sunscreens to make sure you don't burn. In the UK I use 15-30 in the UK, 50 when abroad and find in high summer I need to cover up sometimes.


Thank you for the information, guess that I will not be wearing white any more

Hi Minty I've been on sulphasalazine and hydroxycloroquine for 26 years and they have worked very well however started getting bone damage 4 years ago and kept that under control with steroid injections I'm refusing methotrexate due to a previous liver infection, I really want to try to avoid more drugs layering ,I'm trying diet and exercise now and taking naproxen very sparingly to get the swelling down

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Can I ask were you prescribed iron tablets and folic acid while taking this combination???

Hi Minty. Methotrexate and I did not do well. We tried taking injectible and it was easier to take. But I stopped it entirely about a year ago. I am getting rituxan infusions. The hope was it would help my RA and my MS which it seems to be doing.

I also started the Coimbra Protocol about 7 Months ago and I believe it helps me.

I added hydroxychloroquine to my cocktail 4 months ago along with Orencia and sulfasalazine. The difference it made after 2 months was miraculous. I then took it upon myself to stop sulfasalazine since I thought the hydroxy was the drug for me. Well, that was a mistake. Some symptoms came back although not as severe. Nevertheless, I will begin taking the sulfa again and look forward to a good outcome--again.

I am taking both of the drugs you are on about,just like you Methotrexate didn't suit me, I had a swollen liver.

At first I was taking Hydroclocquine 400 mg daily, then went to my Rhumotologist and with Hydrdroxcloroaquine you have to get your eyes tested one for one year, then 5 years etc.

Now I only take 200 mg daily. Salfalsalazine is fine with me, I had it stopped a couple of years ago, and got it re- started, but start with a low dose, then increase it gradually.

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