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RA and laser tattoo removal

Hello everyone. Even though I'm quite new here, I noticed that there are many of you who have been through a lot of things and therefore, maybe there's someone here who might give me a piece of advice.

I've been diagnosed with RA about 6 months ago and this struck me by the time I was planning to get rid of 2 of my tattoos. I did some research on the internet about the laser removal procedure and the point is that the laser works by breaking down the ink into small particles, but then my body has to eliminate the ink, with the help of some cells of the immunitary system, called macrophages.

My question is: is it still possible for me to go through this procedure, since I've got this autoimmune disease? I'm afraid that the whole process of eliminating the ink would only make my immunitary system intensify, and worsen my condition in consequence.

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I would expect it to raise your cell count as I had a tattoo removed and it showed on my blood test


Minty i am glad you could answwer this question as i have no knowledge of this as i have no tattoos.xxxx


Definitely don't go ahead until you have spoken to your Rheumy team. Once those particles start to circulate there is nothing you can do about it.

Don't know how big or where your tattoos are, but the Red Cross have cosmetic products made for things like Strawberry Marks which would cover visible tattoos.

Contact the RC...they would probably know more about tattoo removal.


Thank you for taking time to respond.

I've actually spoken to 2 clinics which perform this kind of tattoo removal, and I got pretty much confused, since the 2 answers were completely different. Ain't sure if the one that told me it's no problem for me to laser my tattoo wasn't actually considering only the amount of money I'd pay for this.

I had no idea that there are such comestics available, but as far as I am concerned, I would have preffered to permanently get rid of my tattoos. I'm sure they won't hide my tattoo completely.

Monday I have an appointment to my Rheumy and I will talk to him about this.

Anyway, thank you :)


Speaking to Rheumy is definitely the way to go.Get as much info about removable procedures as possible to show/explain what will be involved.

In fact the cosmetics used by the RC are amazing & will cover a black Nevus & won't rub off.

Good Luck...don't take any chances....you liked the tattoos once, if it would be dangerous to have them removed.....remember that!


I cannot remember which type of laser was used but the tattoo popped and made spitting noises as it was removed. Apparently old tattoos are harder to remove because of the older types of ink.I had it removed at the Cambridge laser clinic and the cost was about £300 and took four sessions. I am 100% happy with the result. The pain factor for anyone interested was about 1 out of 10.

What shocked me is the many ladies having huge tattoos removed.

The doctor that did the procedure told me teenage women tend to go for dolphins 🐬 but by the time they come to be removed that like more like a whale

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Yes, I know how the whole process of the tattoo removal should look like.

Many had their tattoos made in a time of their life when they don't necessarily think too much of the consequence of having them for a lifetime. Not to mention the fact that some people, like myself, do change their way of thinking completely throughout the years.

What seemed to be "cool" is a madness now.

Anyway, thank God that permanent tattoos can be removed :)


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