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Methotrexate friend or foe lol


Hi New Here , Just joined and been advised to start methotrexate see if it works to control flare ups, diagnosed with osteo arthritis and maybe as low level inflammation present , could be possible rheumatoid too, pains come and don't go lol, as some before me, panicking, reading lists of side effects and the like, any help / advice be appreciated

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I just started it as well. Will be interested in the responses. Any info is appreciated.

bora62 in reply to Vilanogirl

Hi I am just waiting to start it,had all the pretests and having pneumonia vaccine next week before starting pills, I have to say little nervous as don't like nausea and hot thinking hair already don't want more, but will look on positive side, maybe everything won't hurt and be as stiff as much lol...let me know how you get on .

AgedCrone in reply to bora62

I took it for 7 years & had no problems until it just stopped working.

No nausea or hair loss.

If you just take it with folic acid as prescribed by your doctors there is a good chance you will do really well on it.

I often wonder if a lot of the nausea & headaches are caused by the stress of worrying all the nasty things written about it wil happen to you.

I inject it. Only effect is some nausea.

It’s my best friend, and has given me back some semblance of a normal life 😀 I had lots of teething problems - nausea, washing machine tummy, hair loss etc but I stuck with it and it’s been great.

I inject on a Wednesday night before bed (and have a pretty crap night but at least it doesn’t affect my days), I take folic acid 6 days a week etc.

It takes about 3 months before you see any benefits, but for me it was well worth the teething problems.

Good luck and keep positive! x

Methotrexate is the Dmard usually given first when diagnosed with RA & many,many people do very well on it for years. The sooner you take control of RA the more likely you will need less medication & have less pain.

Stop reading Dr Google & scaring yourself, give it a fair chance & it's very likely in 3/6 months you will be very glad you did.

After all....even Aspirin can have horrible side effects!

Simba1992 in reply to AgedCrone

Aspirin is a wonder drug in many respects and connot in any way be compared with a cytotoxic drug like MTX.

AgedCrone in reply to Simba1992

I was not comparing it to the use of the drug,....just that if you have an allergy to Aspirin the effects can be very nasty...that is a well known fact.

Look at that poor girl who died from an allergy to sesame's how it affects you that matters...I could eat sesame seeds & have no problems, sadly some people cannot.

We read of many on here who cannot take MTX because of extreme side effects, but just as many if not more live well on it for years.

So until we try it we won't know. Hopefully one day there will be tests to decide who can take each drug....until then we just have to take the advice of our clinicians which drug is likely to be of benefit to us.

Have been on it for 6 weeks along with hydroxychloroquine and FA. Reading the internet and the booklet/diary is scary :) and some people do get side effects but (touch wood) I am fine maybe a bit weepy at times (but not that often) and a bit sleepy day after taking it but nothing I can't cope with.

Good luck.

A life saver, been I'm not for 9 years now stated on tablet form now I inject it . Easyer on the stomach that way.

Takes time to work tho a good 3/6 months. One to build up and 2 to figure out the right strength. I'm on 25ml a week folic acid 6 days a week to counter balance any side effects (nauser) for me.

We are all different tho. It's done elders for me but may not for you . But good luck

Have been on it for 5 years now, reduced from 25 to 20mg in March. I have not had any significant side effects. It takes a few months to work but when I think back to how I was there is a massive difference I am much more mobile and rarely take painkillers now. Good luck. Xx

No DMARD is guaranteed to work, many have side effects of varying degrees It is a bit of trial and error to find out what works for you. Normally access to the more advanced treatments such biologics is restricted to those who have tried or are on methotrexate.

You will need to try it to find out if is your friend or foe. Some people have problems of varying degrees. Plenty of others have little or no issues. Some find that injection form reduces side effects.

By the nature of things if you search this forum you will find lots of stories about the problems. Please search for advice on how and when to take methotrexate. I take mine with breakfast and have no problems. Many people take it before going to bed as they find it helps with nausea. You should be prescribed folic acid has this helps with side effects. There is a range of options from 1or 2 days after the methotrexate to 6 days a week.

I have been taking it for 7 years it’s my lifesaver, luckily I don’t have any side affects. I am down to 12.5 mgs injected once a week and folic acid the following day. It works for me I also have Crohn’s disease as well as RA and it keeps both in check. Hope it works for you

I have taken methotrexate for10s of years now(always have been on 15mg orally weekly) with no obvious problems. But be aware that your immunity to infections will be somewhat reduced. It is designed to dampen down your immune response that is causing your symptoms. You should take advice on immunisations e.g. flu whilst taking it, and take folic acid on non methotrexate days

I started on tablets but due to having bad migraines and nausea was moved on to 25mg injection. I have slight nausea until midday the day after, but this is much better and I am more mobile and have less pain and swelling now, this seems to be working for me. I have my injection in the evening and Folic acid 6 days, not on methotrexate day. It will take time to get used to it but try to stick with it. Best wishes. X

I take 20mgs alongside Humira, been on it 4 years and it's working well I take mine on Wednesdays at bedtime and have no problems, also take frolic acid 6 days , drink plenty off water as helps a lot with side affects xxx

I would very much be interested in hearing if there is any connextion with age and starting with MTX where side effects are concerned.


If it doesn't work for you you aren't obliged to keep taking it forever. You will be able to weigh up benefits v any side effects. If Rheum recommends it you could give it a go and see how it is for you. Different for everybody.

If we are going for records, I’ve been on mtx for 26 years and still standing! Like some have said, it suits some and not others.

In my case its foe makes me feel unwell for a couple of days

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