Methotrexate; Tablets or Injections?

Hi everyone,

I am currently on Methotrexate tablets but I suffer from nausea and my liver enzymes seem to go up and down. My consultant has suggested Methotrexate injections but I am a tad nervous as I do not like needles.

Has anyone had any experience with the injections and self injecting and did you find one better than the other?

Would love to hear your thoughts,



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  • I was completely phobic about needles,and the whole idea of self injecting terrified me. But I did it, and it's fine! Really. And I don't get the side effects I had with MTX tablets. So no regrets about changing from me.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one scared of needles, I feel like such a baby sometimes!!

    It's good to hear some good news about methotrexate, I am feeling a little more positive now :)


  • Hi Vikki, I was the same on tabs, feeling sick constantly, went onto Inj and now get no side effects from Mtx, I was a little nervous also to begin with about injecting, but now I'm on Enbril Inj also, tbh I don't really know what I was worried about as the Inj are painless, hope you get sorted soon :)

  • Thanks - it's so good to hear some positive news!!

    Am feeling a little braver now - am hoping that injecting myself will not hurt as much if someone else did it for me (if that makes sense)

  • Makes perfect sense lol, you will be fine, no doubts, keep positive :)

  • I was same on tablets much better in injections. It was defo worth the change for me

  • Injections every time. I'm not phobic of needles after so many having been done by nurses but injecting MTX was my first experience of injecting myself & have no problems with doing it. The more you do it the easier it gets.

  • Thanks for all your positive responses makes me feel a lot better :)

  • So glad to read this! Having been diagnosed in May I have put off taking mtx I picked up the prescription but couldn't take it through fear of the side effects. I saw the rhummy nurse last week and she asked how I feel about injections, from what I've read on here they seem to give people less side effects so this Monday I'm going in for "injection lessons" and then get started!! Hope they work for me alone as I don't really want to start the triple therapy unless I have to but at least I have accepted I have the illness and can start to get it treated now!!

  • Good for you and good luck with your 'injection lessons' :)

  • I too had side effects from Tabs and was switched to injections and most of the side effects vanished. I was nervous about self injecting but don't find it a problem now I have got used to it.

  • I am very afraid of needles, my rheumy has me squirting the needle into a glass of juice and drinking it...That's what I do and I have no side effects and it seems to be working.. When people on this site questioned me about the way I take it, I talked to my Dr again, and he said to take it this way has the same effect as taking the pills, but not as effective as injection.....I'm sticking to taking it orally with the syringe in juice until it stops being effective. (Hoping it stays effective) I've been on it since Feb, when I was diagnosed.

  • It's good to know of other options if I don't feel brave enough for the injections :)

    It's good to hear what works for others.

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