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Been researching food and how Inflammatory Arthritis can react to certain foods. It's not Paddison so don't sigh 😁. I am keeping notes on what I eat and how I feel. Apparently - Red meat contains high levels of saturated fats - can exacerbate inflammation. ( Don't eat meat except fish) Fried foods. ( Don't eat) Processed foods ( nope) Sugary snacks/refined flour (sometimes - all gluten free) Gluten (nope) Alcohol ( occasional glass of red wine) Dairy ( nope) Now the other interesting thing I have added to my diet which I haven't taken for a long time is salt. I consciously decided myself a while back not to eat it as I was under the impression it's bad for you. Black pepper I love. I bought low salt as it has much less sodium and more potassium. Now I wasn't great at Chemistry at school so I read up a little on the benefits of minerals - potassium and lesser sodium and how they work with cells. I decided to add my low salt to my food and a sprinkle to my glass of water. I have noticed I don't need the loo every 5 minutes like I did with the water I drink and I am feeling better. Less pain, less swelling. Lack of energy and tiredness is my biggest gripe just now. Rheum said that is a classic symptom of Fibro. I am seeing my Rheum soon and going to chat to her about my findings with salt. Please research and chat first to your own doctors before changing/ adding anything. I'm simply sharing how I am doing with lifestyle changes. Any feedback FEEDback haha ( pardon the pun)πŸ˜‚ on this would be fab Thanks Xx

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Good find on salt. Have read about it too. Often wrong advice on salt is however changing with new info popping up. Here some reading that may interest you.

Shalf in reply to Simba1992

Yes, been researching for a while about it and experimenting on myself too. It's very interesting! I'm probing deeper as I'm intrigued! Love the salty sea too, it's invigorating!

Thanks for sharing this! Your regime is similar to mine. So do you take vitamin supplements?

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