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Knee problems

Hi all

I'm not sure anyone can help but it would be nice if someone can relate.

I have a 16 month old daughter and am 7 months pregnant with my 2nd. I've been having on off knee problems particularly in my right knee but it seems to have gone downhill rapidly since being pregnant. The doctors can't do much due to the pregnancy. I've been told I'll need x-rays done once baby arrives as surgery is looking like the only option.

I'm feeling really frightened as I'm in pain everyday and running round after a toddler and can't imagine how I'll cope with a newborn. My husband is great but works full time.

Has anyone been in a similar situation or been through surgery with young children?

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No but I would call in favours from family and friends and have a word with your Health Visitor in advance as she may be able to get you some support , good luck and hope once the babies here maybe the pain will be better xx

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Thank you. I'm hoping the pain might ease. I know your joints and ligaments become much looser during pregnancy so I'm hoping that's why I'm in more pain than usual. Fingers crossed!

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Yes I was thinking that too but with you saying they are mentioning ops! I hope it sorts itself it out for you and you have a great delivery and of course beautiful little bundle of joy! ( not that you probably call it that at the moment lol) Axx

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I don't know if your Dr will do this but if your knee probs are not due to the pregnancy and are because you have ra you could always see if they will drain the fluid from your knee and give you a steroid injection.

If it helps you out at all I have a lot of damage in my right .. and the only reason why at the mo I think .. I don't have any knee problems is because I am working bleeping hard with a personal trainer to regain the muscle that I have had lost in my knee.

Sorry to hear about the knee pain. I hope you start to feel better soon.


I was fortunate that my symptoms improved during all my pregnancies and lasted for a while afterwards except the last one when I have to give up breastfeeding early to go back on treatment. Hopefully you may get a reprieve after the birth once the extra weight is lost. I have had issues with my left knee since I was 19 - other joints have now joined in. Mine is sero negative inflammatory arthritis.

It depends on what type of operation they are suggesting. An arthroscopy is used to look inside the joint and perhaps wash It out. My boys were older (7 & 5) when I had this so were not too dependent. Tender for a while and may involve crutches. If they do other procedures whilst in the joint there would be more pain and longer recovery. Technology and procedures have probably changed since I had mine done - I had an arthroscopy in 1995, arthroscopy with lateral release in 1997, arthroscopy with synovectomy in 2011 and a TKR in March 15.

Are there ways you can organise your home so you do not have to go up and down stairs too often. I used to change mine on my lap as I could not kneel. Farm


I had my daughter who was just 2 when my son was born. I did end up having my knee replaced, but not till my son was toddling around at about 18 months.

My daughter learned a different way to be picked up with me. When I was sitting down she would stand in front of me but facing away. I reached under her arms and pulled her up to my lap. No stress on my wrists which were in splints all the time then, not now though !

Don't worry, you will find your way. You will settle into your way of doing things. It might look odd to everyone else, but if it works for you - its right.

And if your mum offers to have one of the children for a night, accept it.


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