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Well on the advice of the nurse I stopped the Hydroxychloroquine for a week and restarted them this week. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this is the right medication for me. All the side effects I was experiencing came back with a vengeance. I persevered even taking an antihistamine along with it hoping they would help alleviate them. No such luck so back on the phone to the nurse. My consultant is off for 2 weeks so she spoke to the Senior RA on call and he said to stop them immediately. Unfortunately as I have somewhat complicated medical issues he doesn’t want to give me anything until my consultant is back. However, the nurse did say that he thinks it may be easier if I get injections instead of tablets. Now just have to wait 2.5 weeks until Dr Hauser returns from her holidays.

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What a pity - but that's often the way it goes. I had problems re-starting hydroxychloroquine too and had to abandon it!

Worth spending a bit of time looking at the treatment pages on the NRAS website so that you are clued up when the consultant returns.

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The nurse actually recommended that as well. Going to sit down over next few days and read it. Thanks x

Wishing you well Damamy

What sort of side effects did you have?

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Very sore dry itchy eyes, itchiness all over (no rash), horrendous sweating, headaches some nausea. I came off them for a week and restarted them again on Monday unfortunately they all came back tenfold.

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