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Still no meds!


It has been 3 weeks now and still waiting on my meds - suppose to be starting a new biologic Tofacitinib (?).

Right now, I am meds free, relying on paracetamol as well as Anadin joint and inflammation tablets. To date I have been fine, despite the odd flare, but honestly you can’t help but feel vulnerable. I have been experiencing slightly wheezy breathing, and immediately attribute this to my RA. Today I woke up with slight left hand pain, again not unbearable just frustrating.

I have also had to fork out £420.... to see a podiatrist .... my dr recommended to pay as the NHS are taking far too long to see a foot and ankle surgeon despite urgent letters.

£200 goes towards my customised orthotic as I have tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction from the RA damage. The specialist also recommended an MRI scan, I am hoping I shall get a resounding yes instead of no from my dr as told far too expensive to have this scan.

Hope everyone is coping well. I shall keep you posted as to next steps. 😊🌤

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I'm in the same boat Hessie,waiting to start Humira after Benepali stopped working into 3rd week now got a letter from Health at home yesterday so hopefully won't be much longer now, also have a chest infection to contend with ,it never rains but it pours

Never mind, we shall get there..... let’s be positive together 😊..... hope the chest infection improves swiftly too ....

I'm so sorry you're in this position, Hessie. I sincerely hope your new meds arrive soon. It's wicked that you've had to spend all that money on something that's supposed to be provided on the NHS. 'Free at the point of delivery'. Yeah, right


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