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Middle fingers twisting


Both of my middle fingers have been playing up now for past few months but I have recently noticed that they are starting to twist is there anything I can use to stop this or help with the twisting it’s like someone has them in a vice! My rheumy picked up on it today but she just said we shall keep an eye on it, but I’d rather not let it get to the point where it’s too late to try things and let it get worse!

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Hi there, are you able to post a picture?

in reply to Deniseelk

I’ve been trying to post one but it’s giving me an error?

Hi oKerrio, I have managed to slow down changes in my hands by using resting splints which were made for me by occupational therapy at my local hospital a number of years ago. I used them at night to keep my fingers in the correct resting position.

I have found some that are similar to the ones I have here.. tinyurl.com/y8gc3bna

Hope this helps.

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