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Failing enbrel/etanercept


I've been taking this for 6.5 years with other meds and in the whole been brilliant. Last 3 years when flareups occur i get full body syeroid shot and off i go again. This jasnt worked for 1 year now and having bad flare up but it's turning into constant not flare up 1 month layer. I've got oral steroids and stronger painkillers but no good. What's the next injection phase/options after enbrol/eranercept? I want to be prepd for when I see consultant? Thanks

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Hi I was on Benepali/Enthracept and stopped working at Christmas time after 4 months so am waiting to go on Humira injections, they were going to try Rixumub infusions but decided on Humira as I can do them at home which is easier, I've been off the Benepali for 2 weeks and think it will take a month or 2 before I start I'm also on Methetrexate 20mgs injections and 500mgs Sulfazalasine but am struggling at the moment and trying to get through until I start the Humira but if it gets any worse I can get oral steroids to tied me over

I am sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I was on enbrel and it worked well for years but it stopped working after 5yrs. I was put on RX infusion which was fabulous, but because I couldn't tolerate MXT, this treatment was stopped, on Leflunomide but early days, haven't seen a difference. Pain etc seems to have moved in for good🤔 I hope they find the right treatment for you soon.

They can now give Rituximab without methotrexate I hear so if your current drugs are not working it may be worth getting in touch with your rheumatology team


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Thanks and yiu toi x

Why not try tocilizumab? I have been on it for 18 months now and it is keeping all my symptoms in check. Only my energy levels are down due to leg pain. All systemic inflammation is under control, heart rate is 60 at rest now instead of a 100.

Might be worth a try for you. I get monthly infusions that take an hour.


Thanks scott xx

Hi there

There is nothing set down as to which drugs you take. It's up to you and your rheumatologist. I went on Humira when I failed on Enbrel but that was back in 2005 and there are lots more drugs now than there was.

You can read about the different drugs online you also need to think about convenience. I live 2 hours away from my rheum team and am on Rituximab so am in the day care unit at least 2 full days every 8 months so not that convenient but it works so I'd travel further and stay longer if I had to.

Hope which ever drug it is it works for you

Best wishes


Thank you xx

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