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1st blog so to Biologic therapy or not??


Not being controlled on metho after 10 years tried adding surfas but made my head want to explode but my hand is like a puffa fish and very little strength in it now more erosion found and I’m a bit shocked (only told yesterday) cant stop crying at mo

I’m only on 10mg metho because my mouth responds badly to it, tried the injections but i bruised badly so they say to go on etancercept, which is an injectable!! And can give you blinding heads as well as goodness knows what else according to what I’ve been reading

I’m so muddled feel shocked as it seems quite a jump could i not try increasing metho again????????????? Please help

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Don't panic - Enbrel has been around for quite a number of years - I took it between 2003 and 2011. Of course there are side effects but you have had those with MTX. My body does not like the DMARD's group but is much happier with the biologics and I have far fewer side effects. Again it is trying to find the right combination for you. They are the next step in treatment but for me they are much better for my body and my current one (Abatacept) is working well.

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Thank you so much for that, I’m so confused and frightened i suppose, its been a wake up call, thought it wouldn’t get any worse and i could manage what i had , I thought i was invincible !!!

Please try not to worry I couldn’t take MTX affected my liver!! Now on Hydrox and Sulpha still regular blood tests but works for me 😁 You will get there again xxx You have to believe 👏🏻

Of course you could try increasing the MTX - it is completely your choice what you are prepared to accept. And 10mg is very low - unless you are a very tiny person. Did they not provide help with the injections as it is rare to bruise so badly if you are doing it right?

It is confusing and hard to make these choices. I've been struggling with the decision to go onto biologics for a while now. However my last scans showed more erosions so that has decided me. Erosions are permanent. Taking drugs is not - if they don't suit you can stop them. And everything I've read suggests the risks of biologics like etanercept are not outrageous. The most important thing seems to be that you must stay alert to risks of infections.

Discuss your fears with your rheumatologist - it's your body and you need to be comfortable with the decision.

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It makes more sense when i can read your views and you

seem to be having the same quandary as myself, I’m not tiny but sensitive skin i think

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