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Elbow injection


Anyone had a elbow replacement? Over the years just had my fourth elbow injection, last two did nothing. Still painful and won't straighten. Was offered two new wrists around five years ago and still thinking about it. The wrists are fused and although there is always a degree of discomfort I do ok. The elbow is different and makes everyday tasks very difficult, plus painful even when not in use. All thoughts welcome.

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Im expected to have elbow replacement this summer but decided i need a break from so many medical appointments as its a commitment to post op physio etc. So thinking about having it done in the winter. Injections have helped but getting less so. I was told only have joint replacement if you are in the best head space for it. My elbow has limited mobility and is painful so I will get it done at some point. I guess its an individual choice, hard though. Thats my thoughts. Not very helpful sorry. Let us know how you get on. 🙂

juneann in reply to Ruth12345

Thanks for reply, really helpful.

Hi junenn,. I've had problems with one of my elbows since my RA started many years ago and I've been unable to straighten it because of the damage that was caused. It's only started to become very painful (especially at night) in the last couple of years and I've had the same thought as you as to whether an elbow replacement would work well.

Here's hoping someone on this site has experience of this joint replacement.

After I hit reply this post showed up below and will be off interest to you..


juneann in reply to premierscfc

Thanks for the link, lots to think about.

Hi, I had my left elbow replaced n 2014. I would say it has been a success. I no longer have the awful toothachy pain which was constant. In full disclosure my arm doesn't straighten completely but for me it has been very much worth it. I have had several joints replaced and each time once over the initial post op period they have been worthwhile. Good luck.

I've been consulting a shoulder and elbow surgeon since 1998, the first one has since retired and the current one jokes and says he's there for a good few years yet! If there was a guarantee of no infection and they could straighten my elbows then I'd have it done tomorrow. However, they cannot straighten them, tendons shorten etc. and there's a higher risk of infection with elbows, as the area is less protected with fat etc. Since my first THR carried a 1% infection risk and I did get infected 2 months post op, with bacteroides capillosus, I'm sceptical about any joint replacement surgery.

I have had both elbows replaced ( and both wrists are fused) The first elbow was done in 2015 and last year I had the other one done. No issues with the surgery at all. I have an Immune Deficiency and there were concerns about infection but everything went very smoothly. The relief from pain is amazing. Before the operation on my left elbow I had lost the function of the fingers on my left hand but during surgery they restored the nerve function and everything works fine now. For both operations I insisted that I would only be in hospital for one night and that is all I needed. However it is an operation that is not done as frequently as knees and hips so make sure you choose an experienced surgeon. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Hi Davannh, Thanks for the reply and great to her your success story with joint replacementds. How do I choose an experienced surgeon, any pointers as I always take who I'm given on the NHS which mean their is no choice?

Thanks BoneyC, I think as with many of these things it is a matter of dealing with the here and now, as well as quality of life. I am finding it increasingly difficult to do very much with my left arm so any improvement would be good. My husband had both hips replaced at the same time which coincided with me flat on my back for a month due to a slipped disc and bad nerve damage never repaired, I couldn't even go to the toilet. Hubby was discharged from hospital after around four days, insisted on cooking and on his crutches he carried a tray of a full English and a huge mug of tea upstairs for me. He went straight back to work as an engineering consultant (self employed), at 68 he is far far fitter than my 56 years and incredibly determined. I guess we all handle things differently.

I had eight elbow replacement 2and a half yes ago.I fell and broke it and cuz of RD would not heal.The only draw back is you do have at limits .But pain is gone and I can straighten arm😀

Thanks for your reply Beviejon1.

Good to read your post .Have also decided to postpone an elbow op .

Health on an even keel at the moment and previously had lots of problems following surgery so feel not ready to cope at the moment.

Thanks for your post .

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