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Flight travel with Benepali injector pen

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I contacted HAH to find out the best travel bag to transport my Benepali ( only need 1) injector pen by plane to Italy. I cannot guarantee I will be able to get a fridge and won’t inject until day 6. They could sell me the Helapet Mini Porter bag which contains a polystyrene liner for around £20. I also know that a number of our NRAS followers recommend the Mollymojo bag at around £29 ( on offer at mo). My only thoughts are although it can be out of the fridge for up to 4 weeks, it must stay under 25• and being in Italy I suspect that could be tricky for me to control. Any guidance from others that have gone through this would be appreciated!

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I don't use benepali, but my metoject pens also need to be kept under 25*. I just use an insulated lunch bag, that has a separate compartment to pop in an ice block when needed - only cost a couple of £. I find that even when temperatures outside are very high, if you keep the pen indoors in a dark cupboard it doesn't go over 25*. So it's just when you are moving it from place to place that you need to take care.

The Frio range of products used for insulin may be suitable for your needs.

Don't think you can fit some of the pens in as much fatter than insulin products? Unless of course you get a bigger one and those are pricey. Happy with my £2 bag, even tho' it has Thomas the tank engine on it!

How about using a thermos flast. I've got one with a wide neck for soup. Put it in the fridge before so it's really cold. I know it won't keep the drug under 8 degrees but it should keep it under 25 until you inject. You could always have a practice run before you go. xx

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