Hi all, my Benepali injections in my fridge froze overnight as my fridge went wrong, I have placed them in my other fridge,do you think that I will be able to use them when thawed out, I have tried to get info from the chemist but they are not sure, tried ringing Health Care at Home but there is no answer it seems at the weekend,I am not due for my injection for another 3 days. Any advice would be helpful,Thankyou

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  • If you look at the leaflet that comes in the packet it will probably say that you should not freeze it. Which suggests that you can't now use it and will have to ask for replacements. Hope there weren't too many!

    But check with the healthcare at home pharmacist next week.

  • Thanks for the help, just had my new delivery of 4 injections

  • I think I have read not to use if frozen.....ask your pharmacist ASAP!

  • The pharmacist did not know when I rang him up.

  • I was informed you cannot freeze- they're no longer fit to use but I'd certainly clarify that with appropriate professional as a priority .


  • Thanks Mariam

  • A few years ago it happened to me. We were away at the time and I only had one injection in the fridge at the time. We always keep a thermometer in the fridge and over night it went down to minus 1. I phoned health care at home and was told not to use it. Was told that it wouldn't hurt me but would not be at its best

    I still would ring them on Monday to check. X

  • Thankyou for the information will ring on Monday

  • Thanks for the reply I was unable to contact them today

  • This happened to me and I was told not to use them. Sorry, it's annoying.

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