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Knee replacement surgery under 30?


I’m 28 and facing a knee replacement operation. Has anyone on here had a total knee replacement under the age of 30? Been suffering since I was 16 and my right knee is now very worn down - consultant says knee op is only option left. I’m wondering how much it will improve my quality of life and how long it might last til I need another one. Would be great to hear from anyone who has been through it!

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I was 20 years older than you but at 48 (3 years ago) I had a total knee replacement after trouble with that knee since I was 19 and had run out of options. It has definitely improved my quality of life and I don't regret it at all. Yes it is painful, I also had a hairline fracture when they inserted it and had to be 6 weeks non weight bearing but it has not affected the outcome. My exercises had to be adjusted but we got there. How long it lasts seems to be a personal thing but being younger we will probably be more active on it than an older person having a TKR which may mean it will not last as long. I do worry about the length of time it will last but hope that technology and materials etc will evolve over time and if/when it needs changing it will be easier and more successful than it is now.

Hi jessmonk,

you may find this report from the National Joint Registry interesting:


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

I was similar age to farm123 after being told I was ‘too young’ and to ‘put up with it for as long as I can’.

Finally had a left TKR at 47, 2 years ago and apart from the scar wouldn’t really know I’d had it done. Very happy with the surgery and recovery was pretty straightforward.

I’m aware it may cause problems when I’m older but will cross that bridge when (if) I get to it.

I figured that as my knee was totally and utterly knackered (medical term) that I may as well get it done and have 10+ years of good mobility now while my children were young. rather than later when they can get their own dinner. 😀 And maybe mine if I need them too...


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