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RA and breastbone pain



I have RA and I've been suffering from breastbone pain for over a week

Can RA cause breastbone pain?

Does anyone have the same probleme?


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You could have costochondritis, inflammation of the soft tissue in your rib cage. It's incredibly painful. Mhairi

liliah in reply to Mhairi54

I'll have to ask about it in my next visit to the doctor

Thanks Mhairi

I used to have it quite bad. More in my breastbone than ribs so am not sure it was costochondritis as that seems to affect the ribs more. Get it far less these days and it differs in that it's more of an occasional short sharp pain. If you're concerned see your GP, or better still your rheumy.

liliah in reply to wishbone

Thanks wishbone , I'll check with my rheumy it may be the costochondritis.

Yes; I had that when my RA was bad - very painful. I am on Enbrel now and everything is greatly improved, so I haven't had that particular pain in a while. But RA does affect cartilage and tendons as well as joints, so it really can crop up anywhere. Have you tried a heating pad?

liliah in reply to kristapb

I'm glad you're feeling OK now , Ive never tried a heating pad in that area but I'll try and see if it decreases the pain

Thanks kristapb

I have had this and it's very painful but with me it's to do with lifting things and goes away after a few days if I am really careful not to put any strain at all on my upper body... don't lift anything at all but try and keep shoulders loose and moving with gentle exercises. The gp said it was costochondritis caused by RA.

liliah in reply to roseyx

I don't normally lift heavy things I guess it's related to RA I'll check with my doctor if it's costochondritis since many of you are talking about it.

Thanks roseyx

Yes I have had chest pain that was from my breastbone...went into hospital and treated as? Heart attack but it is the muscoskeletal pain caused by RA. Most of the time when the pain came i was either sleeping or relaxing. Much better since I have been on daily magnesium.

Thanks Rosie for reminding me about the magnesium , I always had low level of it .I think I'll have to go back on taking it.

For me the pain comes when I move or laugh/ cough

It's possible for breastbone pain to be RA related. I know individuals with RA who say that every breath hurt when they were having RD activity in their breastbone.

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