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Infected toe...huge flare!


Oh My Gosh over the weekend my ankles flared so swollen up I couldn't walk and was in terrible pain. I got up yestetday and my wrists were swollen badly too so back on steroids and upped cocodomol. Didn't know why as I'm not wose than usual until...last night my toe was sore toenail seems Ingrown and when I pressed it yellow puss!!! Never had this before but I'm betting thats never a good sign!

Did this possibly cause this latest flare? M x

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More than likely Marie hugs.xxxx

Yuk! Sounds painful.

It's possible it could have triggered a flair. Have you been given antibiotics for toe, or are you just soaking in hot water with sea salt?

Hope you feel better soon.

I hope you feeling better. However, even with antibiotics, the nails should be taken out. Not a big deal, my husband is a podiatrist and does it for me all the time. Good luck. All the best for good health.

Thanks guys. I saw a podiatrist today so it's all dressed so hopefully it'll get better now. ((hugs)) M x

That’s interesting as I too have suffered over the past few weeks, with what appears to be an ingrown toenail! No puss but it’s like an electric shock if something touches it! Wee trip to the chiropodist for me, I think.

Marie the swelling might have been the reason the toenail got worse and embedded into the tissue. Need to have your doctor evaluate and treat it ASAP.

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