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I'm new on here......

My question is how long before I should feel some improvement having started the biologic, Cimzia twelve weeks ago? My feet and hands are still very painful and inflamed. Walking is very painful, my feet are red hot at night and my fingers so swollen.

I am on weekly methotrexate injections, sulphasalazine and folic acid and the Cimzia was started with a loading dose of 2 injections every two weeks and now one injection fortnightly.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hello and welcome. And how horrid for you. Flares are just the worst.

When do you see your rheumy again? Mine gave me steroids to tide me over until my biologics kicked in.

Mine generally worked by the three month Mark so I would hope if it is going to help it will kick in pretty soon. But some people just take longer.

I would call the rheumy guys and tell them if your pain. Are you on good pain relief ? If not gp s are very good for that.

Also when u talk to the rheumy folks they can refer you for physio, podiatry was great and the shoe splints helped me.

Let us know how you get on x A

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Thanks for your reply.

I've just got paracetamol for pain relief; I did have naproxen and diclofenac but I had to stop as they forgot to prescribe the stomach meds to go with them, but perhaps it'd be worth trying them again as it's been a while.

I'm due to see consultant soon but as my next delivery is due before then I wondered if it was worth continuing but it seems as though I should give it a bit longer.

I have been to podiatry, they didn't suggest any shoe splints but said I could get some insoles which I gave bought but to be honest they haven't made much difference.

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Well tummy protectors are important! And yes stick with the plan till you see the docs. The pain in your feet etc will improve when the meds work. They might even think of changing the biologic but I think my doc gave mine a 6 month trial.

I'd see gp about pain meds tho. You can even get patches ( bit stronger but helped me for a period of time)


I don't know about Cimzia specifically but I was told Humira and biologicals can take 2-3 months. They were wrong and 2- weeks was enough in my case.

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You were very lucky then, think perhaps I need to be a bit more patient!


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