sorry to moan

Bloody awful day. My legs are so painful and sore due to the injections I had weekend. I have large read marks and bruises around the 2 injection area.

I wish life would stop kicking me in the teeth.

I rang my rummy nurse who said that this is a normal reaction and will calm down. I started cimzia to help stop the RA getting any worse but all I feel is tires and miserable.

Iam am 42 why me?

I hope all on this page are ok and the wet weather is not getting too much

Tomorrow is just another day Oh Joy!!!!!!!!

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Susan, you will start to feel better soon,don't despair girl. I have another chest infection,so its resting again for me. Use it as a reason to rest and get someone else to do the work,sorted then isn't it.

You take care love sylvi.xx


Sorry to hear you have another one.

Ensure you rest up and take care of yourself

Scsi x :)


I wish I could I went for my bloods today. First they couldnt get the bloods then when they did it wouldn't stop bleeding.

I managed to be 30 minutes late for work, and I felt lousy and tired all day. i have never felt so useless and misserable in my life


Thanks I am just so fed up and feeling sorry for myself. All I can do is keep going. Everytime I go into talk to my boss it seems he is too busy and I feel and bother to him.

If I don't work then I don't know what the family will do

I gues I have just hit a low point and I have got to get through it somehow


Hi Susan

I feel exactly the same -but i'm a couple of years older.Absolutely sick to death of RA and the meds at the moment.As for the tiredness no on seems to understand how bad it is at times.Can you ask to have your injections in your stomach next time? I found it's a lot less painful.Don't know what else to say except i do know how you feel !.Don't forget we're all here for you so keep posting.

Look after yourself and i hope the Cimzia starts working soon for you

Julie xx


Sorry for you Susan - big ((())) and hope the Cimzia starts to take effect soon. TTx


Hi susan,

I bet your a fed up. Have you tried cold packs on your tummy , I found it really helped me in my experience. Hope you get some rest.

I remember asking my Rheumy "Why me" and she said "why not you", would you believe that actually made me feel better because she made me realize this illness is not personal, its an illness. It does make you feel sad at times and often talking to others like this helps. The NRAS helpline if you haven't called them are marvelous and they will talk for as long as you need, I should know I think I called them every day!!

Thinking of you.

Hope that helps Axx


The help line is 9 - 4pm and I have got to work. My husband cannot work and mine is the only wage.

I am jusy fed up miserable and don't know where to turn. I want to give up work just for a while to try to get my head straight - but how can I, I am the only one bringing in a wage


Hi, how many doses of cimzia have you had? It is hard at the start when you have to have two doses but im sure you will start feeling the benefit soon. Do you make sure you allow it to come up to room temperature first as i find that can make a difference. Maybe if you are bruising you are pinching the skin to tightly when you inject and don't rub the site afterwards. Some if it is trial and error, i give myself marks out of ten and have to say that the best one was when i had two plumbers running around my house sorting new heating system and i was so worried that they'd come into the room and see me with trousers down and syringe in hand i just whacked it in quickly!

You will improve, life wont ever be as it was before RA but it will get better, and remember part of the reason for having Cimzia is to stop this horrid disease deforming your joints.Take care, x


The tiredness can be overwhelming I know from experience! I hope you will feel better after further injections , it will take a little time to work xx


Hi Susan

I know how you feel at the same age i often think "why me" but stay strong and take all the support you can get


Nicki xx


thank you your words do mean a lot I am just fed up and miserable at the moment


Have you talked to your GP about getting some time off work , to get yourself some space and allow your drugs to work? or take holiday for a little while if not? I think the tiredness is so hard and actually do know what its like to feel fed up and miserable. Do you have friends and family to help and support you as that and this site helped me?

Just some thoughts. I was very fed up and sad and was in danger, I think, of becoming very depressed when I had the "why me" talk with the Rheumy. She sent me for talking therapy which I resisted initially but they helped me work out i was fed up understandably, because I was in pain and sick.

I really hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you Axx


Thank you thank you It's just great to know that there are people out there that understand how you feel

I will get better just take one day at a time. I made progress at work and I have got the MS nurse to come out to speak to my husband. My dad is going to be here while I am at work

So little by little it will get better


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