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What’s going on?

For the past three months I’ve been getting horrible dizzy spells or the feeling my body want to collapse torwards the left...I finally went to an ears nose and throat doctor due to my left ear starting to plug and hear this annoying ringing sound. Last Wednesday he referred me to an audiologist who ran all these test including a balance test and she found nothing . I go back next month to revisit the ENT to find out the next step. For the past month its more my left side And i feel like my body wants to lean to the left and recently followed by horrible left side next pain and feel like my left left is going to give out or as if I’m slipping sometimes and my left eye wanders.....It’s Scaring me because I don’t know what is going on and the fact it’s affecting my family And my 2 year old that loves to run around ans It’s hard to keep up with.Not to mention my job consist of being on my feet 8 hours a day and I feel like I’m going to fall towards the left ......Has anyone ever experienced these symptoms?

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We’re not doctors on here but it sounds like you need to see a neurologist


I have had a strange feeling and like I'm going to pass out that lasts about a minute. I was at work yesterday when I had one of these spells.

Not sure what it is a year ago I had a numbness on the side of my tongue that lasted a good few minutes. Took my blood pressure and it was raised.

Went to work and by the time I arrived my head was throbbing and mentioned it to my colleague who checked my blood pressure which was again high.

Seen by acute doctors as I work in a hospital. Arranged a neurology assessment. They found nothing but organised a MRI of head.

All clear apart from my sinuses were inflamed. I have an ongoing sinus problem for years. They gave me antibiotics.


Hi Jesse

It definitely would worry anyone.

Because it is affecting the whole of your left body, I would think the ENT option is too narrow. If you are interested in possible causes, I'd recommend reading Dick Swarbs book We are our brains. It might give you a few clues.

Best wishes.

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That sounds really scary Jesse928086. Hope you find what is causing it soon.


I would suggest another visit to your GP as it could be a number of different problems. I've just been to the GP with a very similar problem. That feeling of imminent fainting and dizziness is truly nasty. I was told last week at rheumy app that I am anaemic and will have bloods taken again next week. I've also had to have had an ECG this afternoon. Who knows? Certainly not me yet. I hope you discover what the problem is and start meds to sort it out very soon. Hugs



Two years ago, I endured the same problems. I was afraid even to cross the street on a Zebra.The stripes caused me dizzyness and inability to focus properly. At the time, I was on Metrotrexate and hydroxychloroquin (sp?) for RA..The rheumatologist took me of the latter, to see if the dizzyness would lessen. It did, and now I can manage the symptoms better Hoever, it took about two years! I too had test after test, and nothing conclusive was noted. Who knows if a virus is at work that interferes with the central nervous system. We have to learn coping skills like deep breathing exercises, frequent rests, warm packs on the eyes and gentle stretches. I'm planning to go to pilates or yoga classes soon. One thing is sure; we have to adjust to our new reality. Wishing you courage and peace of mind.



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