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Pain On Left Side Of Forehead Whenever I Look Up/Around


Hi all, title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m experiencing a slight pain whenever I look up/around in the left side of my forehead, and I’m not sure as to what it could be. I tried covering my eyes from the light to see if that was the problem, but the pain still happens when I look up/around the room. Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? I’ve attached a picture of myself and circled where I experience the pain. Any replies are greatly appreciated!! xx

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We aren't allowed to give medical advice, but I was wondering if you suffer from tension headaches? You might even not be aware that you do. Your muscles might be knotted between your eyebrow & nose causing a muscle strain when you look up.

Give this a try:

Try pressing your thumb gently on the area (above your eye socket) between your eyebrow and your nose. Leave the pressure there for about 30 seconds and then run your thumb gently over your eyebrow. If you feel a little better, then you know it's a tension headache.

Good luck

Hey! I did this an led surprisingly, it worked. Almost zero pain when I look up/around, now. Thanks! xx

I'm so glad it is a tension headache as they are easier to control.

The area between your nose & eyebrow might be a little sore now, but this is a good thing. It means the knotted muscle has released & it is healing.

Could possibly be the start of a migraine or partial migraine. I get these pains all the time and just take a Tylenol or two (sometimes Tylenol migraine) and the go away.

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Thanks x

Could it be a trapped nerve causing your problems.The best advice i can give is see your dr to be sure.xx

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Maybe! Thinking of seeing my dr soon to make sure on what it is. Thanks. x

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