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Undiagnosed - Rheumatology Consult February 6th

October my wrists, elbows knees ankles and toes started hurting a lot. I went to my Primary and she did lots of blood tests, only ruling out things like lymes, sexually transmitted diseases, parvo, and the like. Slight inflammation detected... (If this is slight then WTF am in for!?) She prescribed aleve and a rheumatology referral. A week after, I requested more help with the pain, as it was making me call in sick to work. She prescribed Celebrex, which helped so much.... but only a 30 day supply that runs out on the 19th of January... Should I call to get the prescription extended until I see the specialist or should I show up to the consult in pain and miserable so they know I mean business? I'd appreciate input.

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Request some more! 19th Jan to 6th Feb is a long time. But stop at least 3 days before the appointment, maybe 5, so they can see you at your worst.... And if you have swollen joints now take photos.

Blood markers for inflammation sometimes don't reflect the degree of pain..sadly.

Good luck,


Pain is a poor gauge of disease severity. Helix’s suggestion of pictures is a good one. A pain diary might be a good idea too.


Definitely! If it's working then do, anything that helps the inflammation & pain is worth taking! It was one of the two NSAIDs I was initially prescribed for RD as well, worked very well for a good 7 months when I changed to meloxicam. No point being in pain until you see the Rheumy. Just be sure you've stopped it a few days before the appointment, your Rheumy needs to see obvious inflammation, at it's worst. Don't worry too much about your ESR/CRP levels, they don't always reflect actual inflammation, particularly CRP (acute, current inflammation) level.

Let us know how it goes on the 6th.



I have been prescribed Celebrex a year ago! It’s the only thing that takes the pain away and I’m really happy that I do have it in my arsenal. As I understand it not only acts as pain relief but also is an important anti inflammatory medication that can help treat the condition effectively.

Order more!


Your in enough pain and discomfort, save yourself the trip and call the office. It is always a long wait to get into a rheum :(. They should have given you enough to last until your rheum visit!


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