pip assesors report

hi just curious if assessors report shows 8 points for daily living and 4 for mobility will the decision maker go with this or not thanks

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  • Hi not nessacerly.but in general dwp just as bad as assessors.with backlogs and quickness they tend to have quick look at recommendations at end of report usually .just have to wait and see now .the 4 points do not know if you agree or no that's them saying you can walk 50 to 200 mtres reapetly majority of time .hope it works out for you

  • no I am fine with that for now ? just curious you know not counting your chickensand all that. time will tell I suppose.thanks for reply

  • 🤞 you never know . If it gets you on system the now and If you circumstances ever change you can put in for change of circumstances later .have good 2018

  • Thank you 😊 you too all the best

  • You can appeal.if your not Happy with the decision. Hope it goes ok tho x

  • Thanks time will tell so pleased I discovered you can ring and get assessors report so soon after assessment .

  • The following website gives you information on what points are needed for each part of PIP.


    Good luck.

  • thankyou will just have to wait and see

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