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Confused .. inflammatory problem

I hsve been experiencing joint pain in my knuckles , ankles and toes for the last 2 years... at first it was only occasionally but the last 5 months it's been bad... I have now got raynauds ...I have seen my rheumatologist twice who gave me a steroid injection which took all my ankle swelling down and took my pain away .. this did only last for 2 weeks though .. I had some scans done today on my ankle and hands .. the radiographer said there's no irreversible joint damage to fingers!! There's inflammation in my wrist tendons though , my ankle has quite a lot of fluid and my big toe .... my right foot is now also starting to throb .... I also hsve developed sore red knuckles .... I'm due to see my rheumatologist again soon .. he's starting me on steroids ... any ideas anyone????

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Since your experiencing so much inflammation, isn't there something they can give you to help with the inflammation in the meantime, while they figure out what's going on??

Definitely sounds like you need to do some blood work to start narrowing it down.


I agree with the previous reply, She has said it all darling.xxxx


I did have a steroid injection a while ago and it helped... I have got a prescription for steroids to start taking now I have had my scans

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Prednisone has been my saving grace since I keep experimenting with DMARDS here and there. Without Prednisone, I'd be immobil!

I know the injection can help, but as you mentioned sometimes it's temporary. I'd say start off slow with the steroid pills and figure out the lowest dose that makes you feel better.

The scans were to see if there was any damage thus far, right? Now how about some blood work to help narrow down or try to diagnose you. The fact that there is swelling tells me that it's not osteoarthritis, but may be synovial fluid, which would be rheumatoid arthritis driven. Checking your RF, CCP, ESR, CRP can help with a diagnosis, but it's not an exact science. But at least once you figure out what it is you can get on the path of a treatment.

Good luck to you. This life is NOT easy. I'm still barely getting used to the idea that I have RA.


The Gut plays a huge role in inflammation, do you take a food enzyme, a probiotic, won't go into it here on the process of the gut and how inflammation forms, if you want to private message me you can. There are alot of good pro biotics out there and food enzymes. Do some homework on it, and you will be surprised . The gut has the largest amount of receptors in the body which affect the rest of the body.


Can you share a little bit more regarding what you recommend? I decided to start an AIP diet today for my lupus to see if it will help....


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