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Safe sleeping tablets

I am new to this - looking for a safe yes i mean safe (if it exists ) been on Amatripline for some 10 years - started to get fast heart beat, have come off them but cannot sleep at night wake up around 4am and then nothing - should i go back on Amatr. and get doctor to keep an eye on heart beat. They really have helped me. Tried herbal stuff ie: valerian etc. but not much use. Any suggestions most appreciated. Ruby.

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I think perhaps the safest and with other benefits too that there is a lot of research on. Not actually a sleeping pill but an antihistamine called cyproheptadine. High dose of Niacinamide before bed time 1000-1500mg also nontoxic. Calms you stress quite well, and gives you good quality sleep.

Red light therapy before bed time is supposed to help a lot, not a pill though😉

Good luck, Simba

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Thank you will speak to pharmacist - sounds promising. have a good day and weekend. Ruby.

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