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Safe RA drug while trying to conceive

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I'm planning to have a baby in the near future so I need to stop MTHX. I 'm going to take an appointement with my doctor in order to change to other drugs

I want to know what are the drugs that are safe with pregnancy (based on your own experiences)

Thank you

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Hi Liliah

We have a page on our website that covers this topic. It was written by an excellent Consultant Rheumatologist who specialises in this area of work, so the information is very reliable! See the page here:

Hope this helps.

Best wishes


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liliah in reply to Kim-NRAS

Hello Kim

Thanks so much , the link is very helpful!

How exciting! I don't have personal experience I'm afraid but as well as the NRAS info maybe this will help too

You can also talk it through with your Rheumy of course, he/she should have come across it before surely. He/she will also go through any other meds you're taking, just in case any should be halted whilst you're trying.

Hello nomoreheels

Yes, I'm very excited about it and a bit scared to switch drugs but I'm trying to be positive.

And thanks a lot , I will definitely talk with my rheumy about all what I should do before...

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nomoreheels in reply to liliah

I understand, it's the unknown & if whichever med is suggested will hold you as well as MTX does. Think of it as a means to an end... a very nice end! You never know you may be one of the lucky ones & pregnancy helps you achieve remission or at least a reduction in symptoms.

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liliah in reply to nomoreheels

Yes, exactly! what‘s scary is not knowing if the new drug will work

I really hope so, some of the luckiest ones achieve remission even after the pregnancy

Thanks nomoreheels, hope you are feeling good as well.

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nomoreheels in reply to liliah

Fingers crossed all round for you.

When I was pregnant I took Sulphasalazine. It’s not lisenced but my Rheumatologist told me lots have women have taken it with no known side effects. I also had steroid injections as necessary. Hydroxychloroquine is lisenced for use during pregnancy.

I had great support from my Rheumatologist, I hope you do to.

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liliah in reply to bpeal1

I think my rheumy will give me the same drugs, after what I have read, they are the only drugs that are safe with pregnancy.

Thanks bpeal1

I was one of the lucky ones that went into full remission throughout my pregnancy all tho I wasn’t diagnosed till 6 weeks into the pregnancy & didn’t start any treatment for it. Noticed it just slowly disappeard when I got to the 2nd trimester. 6 weeks after the baby was born all hell broke out this was in Nov 16 I’m only just getting back to my self now Im on biologics after everything else failed. I did delay treatment at the start as I wanted to breastfeed & looking back I think this why it was so hard to get it under control. Before falling pregnant I was only having swelling in my right foot nothing too bad but it had then spread through most of my joints. I’ve just had my first infusion and I’m feeling so much better. Good luck with everything xxx

I’m glad you are feeling good now, especially that you need a lot of energy in order to take care of the baby.

I’m torn between whether to take the drugs or not during pregnancy (if I’m feeling ok)

I don’t want to take any drugs during this period even if they say they are safe.

But on the same time I’m afraid if I don’t take them during pregnancy I will get severe flares after…

Thank you Bagels wish you all the best as well


Its so hard to no what to do for the best as if I was to try for another baby now and Stop treatment I’d be so afraid of the nasty flare up after.

I did struggle to care for the baby my wrist were so bad I couldn’t lift him or change his nappie & struggles with most things.

I’m sure the specialist will help you through it so you can make the right decisions.

I do no of a lady who did stay on medication throughout the pregnancy and her little one was just fine & they will be keeping a close eye on you & pregnancy to check Everything is ok x

the wrist pain is the worst , when I have a flare up it always goes to my wrists and fingers and I can't even take care of myself so I can imagine the struggles you went through

I'm counting on my doctors and my family for support and I'm praying for the best !


Liliah...i can’t wait to hear how it goes for you! I am currently on MTX also but thinking of going off and trying to conceive later this year. I have an appt in August and was going to discuss it more then.

We have struggled with infertility for the last 9 years..with multiple failed IVF cycles. I was just recently diagnosed with RA in November and my rheumy said that there is a chance our fertility struggles have been due to my RA. So we may give it a go and see what happens if we try again. My RA is in remission right now so trying to be cautiously optimistic!

Hey aramire1,

After I stop the MTX I'll have to wait 3 to 6 months before trying . My rheumy says 6 months but some other doctors say 3 months should be fine .

I wish you the best of luck for your next try!

And I'll let you know how it goes :)


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aramire1 in reply to liliah

Thank you! My rheumy said 3 months after stopping MTX we could try. Good luck to you as well!

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