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Teeth have ligaments too

Guess we all are aware that RA affects ligaments and tendons but I only found out teeth have ligaments after falling this year, smacking my four upper front teeth hard, directly into tarmac.

My dentist says the ligaments are still stretched after 10 months. So here’s an interesting link to teeth, showing ligaments:


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This is interesting - but sorry for the way you acquired this knowledge of course.

I’ve recently learned from my dentist that two of my molars are harbouring root canals that are in various stages of decay with a large cavity underneath the oldest one from where I suffered an abscess many years ago. It sits right across the trigeminal nerve and may explain all the facial pain, twitching and numbness I’ve suffered from for years as part of my Sjögren’s. My teeth have been so good for 7 or 8 years now but I think my time of grace must be up soon as he described it as a time bomb waiting to go off. He wouldn’t even give me a scrape and polish and I’m to see my oral consultant but he thinks I will need my lower jaw cleared out.

This has made me wonder about all sorts of problems I’ve had over the past years with burning lips and Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I didn’t know that teeth had ligaments but this diagram helps me see visualise what’s going on in my own mouth better.


Sorry about all those years of pain, glad the link helped a bit!

Hope you get relief and a way forward.

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Hi thank you for the link I will have to look at it in the morning as my 👀 are so sore with dryness and have just put my cream in them x

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I have been using eye drops during the day and eye ointment at night for over 16 years, after Graves Disease.

Thyroid healed but eyes affected.

Hope you slept well!


Morning everyone,I have eye drops for during the day and ointment for night

I have just been referred from my Rheumy Consultant to the eye Specialist as they are now damaged through having Sojourn Syndrome 2 also every where else on the body is so dry.

Mind I’m in a mega flare at the moment but have to be so careful as Steroids don’t mix well with my Bipolar so I am feeling a bit sorry 😐 for myself,I’m really hoping it calms down before Christmas as I’m so looking forward to it this year.

Sorry for the long post,hope everyone else is a bit or a lot easier today xx


Hi Bella-Bailey

Even without secondary Sjogren Syndrome, RA meds have made my skin dry.

Sorry you are coping with several conditions that are wearing.

Hope you do get to enjoy Christmas this year!


Ty Charism, I have been diagnosed since 1998 and it is surely a roller coaster disease,but all I can say is make sure you get all the information you need,after all these years I am now only starting to get to grips with it mind I’ve not really been an inquisitive person lol 😆 but now as I’m getting older I feel as though I need to know as much as possible x

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Realised teeth had ligaments never made the connection though. Thank you. Hope you get sorted soon as pain free as possible

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