Gums & teeth 😩

Has been quite a while since I have posted, but do look in now and again 😉. Can anyone help, for over a week now my gums and teeth have been sooooo sore and painful. I can't work out if I have toothaches, gum aches or sensitive teeth/ gums. Using all the right toothpaste and mouth wash, have also had sore muscles and aches all over. Have not shared this with anyone but thought you gals & guys would understand. I inject methotrexate, take hydroxchoroquine etc etc since 2013.


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16 Replies

  • I get that occasionally, I am not sure if it is the side effect of Humira and Mtx . or the RA itself. some times I can hardly open my jaw. I just get on with it after twenty five years living with RA. cheers

  • Thank you for your comments it's nice to know your not alone ☺️

  • I get that too. Comes and goes. Have bit of a sore mouth and gums this week. Plus my shoulder muscle has been giving me hell. To make matters worse I had a tooth out last week to make way for my new denture.

    You're not alone.

  • Hi bijan, I get this to,teeth very sensitive ,sometimes for up to a week, then it all goes away.often get jaw trouble,making it difficult to eat,don't know what causes it,hang in there,it usually goes away as quick as it appears.x

  • Helps to know your not alone, thank you☺️

  • Hi, I get this regularly, sore gums and ulcers Worse since I started humira.

    I get difflam mouthwash prescribed, which does help, otherwise nothing seems prevent it.

    Always worth mentioning it to your nurse/doctor, in case they have something more effective

    M xx

  • Thank you Hatshepsut I will see if I can get the difflam x

  • Hi

    Since I started taking DMARDS, I have noticed my teeth are Weaker. Don't know if its anything good with drugs? I've asked the dentist but he was puzzled too.

    My gums have receeded, and a little chipping on a couple . I use sensodyne care and protect, and a Waterpik for flossing, due to my teeth chipping while flossing.

    Dentist put put me on Durophat, which was marvelous. I've gone through 4 tubes. I've had fluoride varnish on the last 2 times I've been. Which helps a little.

    Best of luck, its not nice having pain in your mouth .

  • Thank you reikimaster I am going to request the duraphat 😉

  • Hi. You can only get in from a dentist prescription, BUT the last dentist I went to did sell it. I had it before.

    Good luck😆

  • Shall ring dentist today 👍 thank you

  • I do and have always looked after my teeth, so do worry that I may lose them, and no pain in your teeth and gums is pants!!!!! 😭 thanks for replying 😊

  • Methotrexate can cause a sore mouth, difflam mouthwash is really helpful but don't use it regularly only when mouth is sore and not for longer than a week. I would always recommend high fluoride toothpaste such as duraphat 2800ppm to anyone who has RA, and also a fluoride mouthwash. Xylitol is also good with this condition if you get dry mouth which also makes it sore, as it encourages the production of saliva. Also, don't use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, it makes your mouth sore and smelly as it dries it out.

  • Thank you beckywebb, have not heard of duraphat before so we'll give it a try😉👍

  • Do you think the doctors could prescribe it?

  • Newly diagnosed, and in reading the posts about the pain so many of you are living with, I have to ask anyone who cares to respond......don't you get relief from this pain with any kind of medication? I have a back and neck injury and two carpal tunnels. I couldn't function without the pain medication. ..

    What is the deal? I'm afraid to find out.

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