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Please advise

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I have been reading your very helpful replies to other people and wonder can you help.

I had a blood test eight weeks ago, result was ENA antibody positive, but do not understand what that means. Rheumatology appointment was made, is January 28th, 21 weeks after blood test. I have pain in feet, ankles, hands, toes fingers, jaw, four bent fingers in two months, and elbows one of which has bursitis and really bad joint. Is this likely to be

RA? What makes it worse are other problems, one of which was unexplained blackouts resulting in losing my driving licence. Ugh, makes me feel isolated as I am quite far from family.

Would much appreciate any replies.

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Hi Eve, please see my posts as symptoms are very similar to yours, but while I have got RA I have now been told I also have Fibromyalgia, The mind boggles. I do think however that no one on here has exactly the same as we all suffer different individual aches & pains from this ever changing monster of a disease. I hope you soon get a firm diagnosis & treatment for this beastly suspected RA 😘

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Thank you.

I suggest you go and get an emergnancy appy with your rheumy other than that go to A&E.xx

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Thank you

Here's some information about the ENA test - so a positive result suggests that you may have one of these autoimmune diseases, although not necessarily RA. There is a lot to cross-over between diseases like lupus and RA.

Have you spoken to your GP about pushing for an earlier appointment or getting some short term relief while waiting for your appointment? Either prescription strength anti-inflammatorys, painkillers, or a short course of steroids? (Although you need to stop these 10 days before your appointment so the rheumatologist can see you at your worst).

I'm afraid I disagree with Syli about going to A&E. A&E is for life threatening things, and has emergency doctors and nurses not rheumatology specialists. So if they do call down the rheumatologist you are basically taking them away from their planned appointments , and taking their services away from other rheumatology patients who may have been waiting 21 weeks already for the appointment. Individually it's very hard to deal with the lack of resources that the NHS has - but although taking these short cuts might help you it does make the overall situation worse and worse for everyone else. Sorry to rant, but it's something I feel quite strongly about.

Thank you, I agree and shall try to see GP to ask him about earlier referral, shall not be going to A& E.

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I could not imagine waiting weeks for a diagnoses. I had a inspected abscess done Thursday. The specialist did a biopsy. It has only been days and I am going crazy 😜

I am Canadian. I do agree wholeheartedly with helix helix. The emergency room is not the answer. My very best regarding results. No matter the diagnoses remember , there are strides made everyday. Lifestyle changes and alternative treatments can go a long way in helping you manage your condition. The label is not that relevant. It is a lifelong journey for you, your family and health care. A positive approach is your best shot at learning to manage your disease. Strongly recommend meditation. It will help quiet your anxiety.

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