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I sat in a clinic where you could literally smell the sick rolling off of people for an hour just to get told they couldn’t take me and refill my meds. I can tell you I wanted to yell at them so bad! I have four days left of the one medication that makes my life slightly bearable and your telling me you can refill it for me? Then I have two weeks left of another medication that does improve my life by a lot! Ugh. Some places are just stupid. At least I get to go to a clinic that can do what I need to have done for me tomorrow.

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You really are having a tough time. Hope it all works out okay at the next clinic. Best wishes xx


Hey there, how are you? I hope you're doing fine. Well, I have done a little research on these clinics. Some of the reputed clinics like Adonis just want our money. It is better to do a little research before making a big decision. One of my friends had encountered this reputed clinic Adonis. First, they treated her normally, everything was fine. She met the doctors and other staff. My friend's partner wanted to see a surrogate mother. But they didn't let him. They became uncomfortable with them and left the clinic. I think it is okay to meet the surrogate mother. They only wanted to see her, whether she is healthy or not. Please stay away from such scams. Thanks and I hope this would help someone in choosing a right clinic.

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