Anyone have a great rheumatologist/clinic?

I'd like to get referred to a good rheumatologist who also covers osteoporosis - someone who's prepared to discuss the ins and outs of my particular situation and doesn't just dish out drugs and leave me to it for many months on end. I never waste professionals' time but I do expect a bit of respect and interest. Also possibly a clinic that offers at least some advice about exercise/supplements etc and doesn't just dismiss them as 'small print'. Any ideas? I'm in the south east of England and happy to travel as needed. I'd be very grateful!!

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  • Medway is actually very good. My consultant is Mr George he's lovely being seeing him for a few years and no issues or complaints whatsoever. But no idea if he does anything other than RA. The nurses return calls usually appointments are on time and they also have time for patients to discuss treatment. I don't think any will discuss non conventional treatments as its outside of the NHS.

    I've seen Mr G both privatly at the Alexandra and Medway and he is quite funny, very patient and does listen. I don't think any just dish out drugs as they do costa fair bit but sometimes patience is a key as it takes months for some to work. I'm on Lefludamide and it takes 4 months to work on average.

  • Cumbria - Whitehaven and Carlisle are excellent and very supportive - they are one of the reasons I dont leave Cumbria and go home to Wales

  • If you can get as far as Salisbury, I'd recommend Dr G Richard Smith who also practices privately at New Hall. Brilliant, although I may be biased as I used to be his secretary. However, he is also now my consultant, so I do know what I'm talking about. Drs Bertram and Coy are also good - have no first hand knowledge of the other consultants.

  • Yep, I agree Dr Richard is brilliant though he is very popular and his NHS waiting list is very long! Dr Zoe Cole at Salisbury is a rheumatologist who works alongside Dr Smith and specialises in osteoporosis. She is great too. I see her for my osteoporosis and Dr Smith for my RD

  • Interesting, thanks very much for letting me know. The osteoporosis is probably my biggest concern at the moment.

  • Send me your email address I will introduce you to a reliable person who can help you but you must be ready to travel to Switzerland

  • Why cant you share it here?

  • Hi I would be interested in consultant in London. South East or even Switzerland....can you share here?

  • I will contact my ex and get you details, when my ex has seriously health problem and no doctor give us accurate solution until she travel to Switzerland and from there they have solution and she is doing very ok now I will contact her and get all necessary information for you, then you can contact the hospital or direct with the doctor I will get back at you shortly

  • Many thanks for the replies so far - there are definitely some ideas in there for me to look at. I'm afraid Switzerland isn't going to be possible for me but thanks for getting the information for others Abdorleh17.

    Any other responses would be much appreciated :0)

  • Dr Mo at Hammersmith (ex-Charring Cross) and the Nurse Specialists are excellent. I don't know if they also treat osteoporosis. V

  • I go to Guy's Rheumatology department in London and find it excellent - I transferred there from Exeter. My consultant referred me to their Bone Metabolism clinic so that I can have my osteoporosis (quite mild) monitored - they have agreed that I can delay having to take alendronic acid for a few years but give me Dexa scans every two years in case my bones deteriorate. It was very reassuring to talk to someone who is a specialist in osteoporosis - knee jerk reaction of most GPs and rheumatologists is to go straight on to biphosphonates.

    Similarily, the rheumatology department have been cautiously supportive of my decision to stop taking methotrexate (I have spondyloarthropathy, mainly affecting my spine, rather than RA - I would definitely take dmards for the latter). I have agreed to take medication if my next MRI shows any deterioration of my spine and pelvis.

    It's a teaching hospital so you do tend to see different registrars every six months - but I have found that to be a positive experience: some of them have been brilliant. In fact it was one of those who definitively diagnosed my condition after several years of misdiagnosis......

  • Why wouldn't you want to take alendroxic acid?

  • I accept that I will have to take alendronic acid at some point - but as you can only take it for five years before taking break from it, I would rather start it in a couple of years and in the meantime try to get as healthy as possible with exercise and nutrition. When I was first prescribed it I was on steroids, then methotrexate and naproxen. So I just felt I didn't want to add to the load....

  • I totally get what you're saying and I feel the same about it all!

  • This is all brilliant information, thanks so much!!

  • Queen Mary's hospital Sidcup is under the Kings College Msk Umbrella Dr Cheung is the main consultant there and Catriona Howes is the nurse cns along with Tolu another nurse cns ,the nurses who look after the clinic and also do blood tests for the rheumatology dept are excellent along with the secretaries there is also podiatry and physiotherapist service under the same umbrella., with referrals easily made. I I have found all to be first rate from getting appointments urgently and replies from the 24 hour help line. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with sero positive ra and have found the methotrexate and sulphsalazine have not worked for me. I will be starting benepali shortly and lots of support has been offered by Dr Cheung and Catriona with this. I would highly recommend this department. Julie

  • Thanks so much, that's great :0)

  • I'm in the south east too and would love to find a supportive rheumatology service, so will be watching this thread with interest! I'm so disenchanted by rheumatologist and specialist nurse, I've cancelled my next appointment and will wait for another in the autumn as I can't be bothered to see someone so unsympathetic and ineffective. Good luck with your enquiry

  • Yes, hopefully this thread will help others as well as me, so please keep any suggestions coming :0)

  • I got a fantastic rheumatology Dr Darlington at Worthing Hospital, she is very understanding and always ready to listens ,hope this helps

  • Thanks :0)

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