Face pain

Does anyone else have face pain? It started with my teeth, I thought I was getting a cavity but my teeth are fine. I really have ignored it because I've had more pressing health concerns but I over did it and now am paying.

Does anyone else have face pain? I'm thinking of calling my neurologist tomorrow to finally deal with it, although not sure what they can do. The prednisone was helping the face pain. I swear, everything wrong with me, no one seems to be able to actually fix.

Bit of a pity party today.

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  • I no i have scalp pain , so bad at times . My ra doc said we can get tmj from ra..

  • I am flared from doing too much, wonder if it's the joint? So many joints in your body..................

  • Could you have Sjorgens. I have face pain round my eyes and i have dry eyes and mouth.xxxx

  • No ones ever mentioned it. I do have dry eyes. They hurt sometimes, I’ve had eye problems the last year. This particular pain is down in my jaw area. Achy.

  • Sounds like u could have anklossing spondlittis it mainly affects the neck spine and jaw

  • Thank you, I've never heard of that. Yes, my neck is killing me. I think it might be causing the weird tingling when I breath in both my hands. I'll look that up now!

  • Hi cheshcat. I (luckily) don't share that symptom with you. I just wanted to send a virtual hug


  • I never really grasped the full horror of the phrase "face ache" until this happened earlier this year and has yet to get the hint that I don't want its company. :)

    There are times when I start eating but I've no sooner got some food in my mouth than the pain sets in so intensely that I can neither chew nor open my mouth wide enough to get the food out again.

  • Yes! This happened to me last night. I ended up with a grilled cheese instead of the steak and salad everyone else ate.

  • My rheumatologist raised my prednisone to 15mg for 3 days 10mg for 3 days, then back to 5mg until my appointment on December 4th. I'm am about 2 months into Leflunomide.

    I sure hope the extra prednisone helps with this face pain!

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