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I see lots of people with huge numbers for RF and antiCCP, it's making me wonder. My results were RF 75 and CCP 40. Do these sound positive enough for such a certain diagnosis do you think?

The other issue is that my CRP (around 30) and ESR around 60) have been constantly raised for 8 years even before pain. I have read that these markers can be raised just due to being overweight which I am so should these be relied upon for monitoring? Have you been told by anyone about CRP and ESR being weight related? No drs ever said it to me but I wonder.

Thank you x

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My understanding is that the numbers are lab dependent and you need to go by what they consider positive. I believe the CCP is very closely related to RA disease and should only be positive with RA.

Do you have a rheumatologist yet?


There is a huge variation in RF and anti-CCP between people, but I wouldn't feel concerned about it. A diagnosis should be made on a number of things - blood tests, physical symptoms, family & medical history, and how you say you feel. Just a blood test alone is rarely enough. Presumably you also have other symptoms?

And as for ESR & CRP again can be naturally higher in some people - age, weight and family traits play a part. But it's just a clue to add to the other clues to help the doctor come to a decision. Mine are naturally extremely low. At the worst my ESR was 21, which is a laughable number to some people but every joint was swollen and I could barely get out of bed! These days it's normally 2 and if I flare it goes up to 7 or 8.....luckily my doctors don't just look at the numbers.

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How come everybody knows their blood results. I have never been privvy to mine in all the 20 plus years of having SLE!! X


I can see all my results through the GP computer system. It could be worth asking your surgery for the same.


Not been with them long and haven’t got much faith! But thanks for answering x


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