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World's best nurses!

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Hi all! I'm finally getting some rest so the antibiotics and cranberry juice can do their jobs of getting me well. These guys have been sitting with me and being good company while I rest, stitch and watch movies(husband's strong request!).

Anyway, I thought their picture might brighten someone's day!

The marmalade is Dante, who will be 13 in December. The black is Remy, who turned 3 in March.



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Aww they are gorgeous and it is so nice to see them. They do know when your ill don't they. Your not alone in having to rest,i am too after having pneumonia.xxxxx

Hi rest up and take it easy and don't do too much , hope your better soon xxx

They say a cat's purr is balm for body and soul. Get better quickly and then take it easy. All the best.

Do you’ve know I just said to my son - my husband has had his hip replacement cancelled for a second time and we’re feeling kind of stressed - that we need a cat.

Our last cat who was over 19, had to be put to sleep over a year ago and I miss him. Husband doesn’t want another cat for lots of very good, sensible reasons but I do feel I need a cat around the place.

Last cat was the perfect sick visitor- somehow or another he could tell if I was having a lie in or if I was ill. He would come and sit silently at the end of the bed if I was ill and if I was being lazy he just did his normal cat things.

It’s funny, we are doing the same sort of things, we watched a video last night, I’m making a quilt at the moment, all that is missing from our lives is a ‘furry one’ of our own. 🐈

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Awwww - cute!

There are 2 loving cats. Animals always sense something is wrong!

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The pic has brightened my day ! Cats are just great and can be good pals when you are having to take it easy.

Thank you for the picture! It did brighten my day. I have two of my own who keep me company also.

I wish I had cats. They are so cute and lovely. Sadly my mother is allergic.

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