HELP! Does Anyone Understand Universal Credit ?

Good morning everyone, I hope your all as well as can be and in not to much pain.

How does UC work for claimants already receiving ESA , Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. I keep hearing about this seven day waiting period in addition to the 5-6 weeks whereby if I am understanding it right, claimants do not receive any money?

Also I read somewhere that those claimants who are receiving contribution ESA will not have to claim UC? Sorry I hope I've explained myself that everyone can understand my confusion.

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I'm sure someone will be along shortly who has experience of claiming. You might like to look at the citizen's advice pages:


Thanks, for your reply have a lovely weekend.


I wonder if there's something that covers your situation that you can learn about either from the NRAS Helpline or


Hi, I am on contribution ESA and am being made to change to UC. It's a nightmare! They told me council tax benefit is separate so won't change. I don't get housing benefit but I think that will be under UC. Basically, the change will be you'll get one payment monthly instead of separate ones. So that, apparently, it's more like work and we'll all ' get used to the idea of working and being paid that way' Hilarious!

6 weeks would be a blessing- we started at Easter. The system, I was told, is having ' teething problems' and is not good for people who are two ill to work. I've had to go to the job centre twice now, because they can't turn off the ' she needs to look for work' button. They promise next time they will- but then I fainted last time! ( Sat too long and pain got bad).

This week the Commons- rightly I think- voted to pause its roll out. Not sure what that means for those of us half way through...

Plus, I've just had a letter asking me to reapply for ESA. Total nightmare! X


I’m really sorry for all the trouble you had in claiming UC, but unfortunately the roll out has not been paused by this government...YET! All the phone numbers have changed to free phone numbers. There are NO waiting days if you are already claiming a benefit and being transferred over to UC. I’m in the minority but I think UC is a good thing as it simplifies all the benefits into one but there are teething problems. EVERYONE that I know of is offered a benefit advance for that horrible waiting period whilst the new claim is set up and Landlords can be paid directly if there’s a need. UC is still paid once a claimant goes into work until such time their wages go over the earnings threashold but no one talks about that in the propaganda against it. But i do agree something needs to be done about the new claim stage waiting period and the migration over to UC from another benefit. Good luck 😊


Sorry 'too' not two. And I was an English teacher...


Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I hope you've all had a relaxing and pain free weekend. Hope you all have a Blessed week.


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