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Still messing with insurance via abscess!

My husband’s insurance is still messing around after three months. I still have a huge abscess now spreading to other teeth.

The problem is I have two roots in eye tooth instead of one. The insurance company has refused claim and is now insisting on X-rays. Another three weeks and still nothing. I am tempted to file suit against the dentist who did original root canal. He left a file in there which is now infected. This is also why I refuse to pay for it out of pocket. Why should I pay to fix his mistake?

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Don't know if you're aware of this, Damaged?

• Broken File in Root Canal:

• File Left in After Root Canal. Risk of Long-term Problems? :

• You Just Broke a File - Now What? (Part 2):



MSP will not pay for your left arm to be amputated twice....just like insurance companies wont pay for root canal treatment on the same tooth twice....There should be no need..... It doesn't matter how many roots your eye tooth has, if you are being told otherwise....well then your dentist is lying to you, AKA "covering his arse" in hopes you don't sue.

Phone an endodontist & pay for the redo root canal out of your own pocket. Call Dr. M (endodontist) located in White Rock. He saved my life. Then sue your dentist.

It's been 8 months since I had mine done and I now am off mtx & hydroxy. I have most of my life back. You deserve to have your life back too.


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