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Side Effects or What ?

I live on The West Coast of Florida . Went Thru Hurricane Irma !! I am very lucky all that happened to my property is some broken limbs and My gates on my fence were broken . But , I have been Ill ever since ! I started with a Runny Nose . Then The dreaded chest cold that seemed to worsen . Then To severe Tooth Ache , causing me to make a dental appointment . Now I have to have 2 teeth pulled and They found a Cyst / Tumor in my right lower jaw were my Wisdom was supposed to be . NOW , I haven't been told to Stop my Humira and Otezla . Ughhh !! I Feel Horrible ! I am achy . Today makes 7 weeks since my last Dose of Meds for my RA and PA . My Joints Hurt 😬This morning I feel like The Tin Man ! So Today I will have my 2 molars pulled . I Wonder is All This Happening to my Body due To Being on a Biologic med ?? Sandy isn't feeling Ok Today .

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Hi Sandy! Glad you're okay and survived hurricane Irma. Also glad to "meet" another USA person! I'm going to be moving your way as soon as my husband retires...either eastern Texas or southwestern Louisiana (crosses fingers for Louisiana) . Sorry to hear about your dental troubles! Did you ever take sulfasalazine? My dentist thinks that is what caused alot of my dental issues-4 extractions-not counting wisdoms+1 resorbtion.

Take care,


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I'm glad you got away relatively unscathed from Irma. We watched in horror and were thinking of you all x

I had lots of teeth trouble when on Methotrexate and Benepali.

I hope you get it sorted x

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Good luck with your teeth and hope you can resume your meds once the teeth and jaw settle down. I had a wisdom tooth that poisoned my jaw and neck. It went black and bruised. Not whilst I've had RA but it was really awful. I had all four wisdom teeth out in hospital 30 years ago. To have that and flaring RA must be horrible. Hope you feel better soon. That the cyst calms and heals fast.

You've had a rotten time with the hurricane too. Glad your property wasn't damaged beyond repair. Hugs. x

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Thanks So Much for The Hugs .


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