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Invalid Assist

Hi Guys that's us back from our trip to Florence. We had a good week,but if anything it took some start with we had a apartment right next to the Ponto Vecchio bridge which meant that after about 10am the streets were mobbed that alongside the uneven streets takes a bit of handling. I was going out early to take photos whilst it was quiet the spires and the buildings are very spectacular. Trying to go to a green space is difficult the parks are built on steep hills the y also charge 10 euros entry.

The main reason I'm posting is to recommend getting assistance at the airports I didn't book it myself (try to be independent) my son did.It made it so much easier not having to stand on crowded airport buses and having to que at passport control etc, the main advantage was being taken between gates at Schipol (Amsterdam).

Hope every body is battened down and ready for the storm today.

Kind regards to all


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Glad you had a good


So pleased you had a good time. It sounds idyllic but expensive as are most touristy places in Italy it seems. Many thanks for the heads-up re invalid assist. I've never travelled via Schipol but I've heard that its vast.