Is nausea and general unwellness a symptom of RA?

My RA is unctrolled at the moment due to mistakes by the hospital and my being unable to tolerate medications. For the last two weeks I have been suffering again from constant nausea and upset stomach. Joints flaring too. Wondered if this is related to the RA or something else I keep getting. I pretty much feel under the weather all the time these days

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  • It could be the melds your on regarding RA.

  • Not sure about the nausea but a general low level underlying feeling of unwellness is common with RA. Some people describe it as feeling fluey and lethargic.

  • That's how I feel for much of the time. Clemmie

  • Me too Clemmie--- when meds not working 😣

  • I dint always feel nauseA but always have the flu like feeling and constantly battling fatigue - nature of the disease I fear


  • Thanks. Couldn't tolerate the dmards so I'm not on anything at the moment but after a year of it being uncontrolled I am feeling very down at the constant unwellness (topped off by my boss's firm belief I am faking it as I look well to him

  • As you're uncontrolled, it's probably to be be expected that you feel so unwell.

    As for your boss, I'm entertained by these people with vision that goes beyond Xray and into MRI levels of sensitivity to be able to discern things like joint/bone erosion and inflammation :)

  • Yes I always get nauseous when flaring, to me it is like morning sickness, where the smell of food/coffee would make heave.

    My Rheumy wouldn't have it but it's fact.

  • What were you in the hospital for? I am a 17 year survivor with RA! I take methotrexate and enbrel every week! And I suffer nausea, weakness, depression, and flareups also! I think we all have to live with the fact that we will never again feel as we did before RA! But, I have faced the reality! When I take these meds I am going to be sick, nauseated, week, and unabel to be who I want to be! Before these meds I would have preferred death! I am not being ugly by saying this, believe me! With these meds I suffer consequences, and some flareups, but, I do have some really good days! I have learned to schedule my meds in regard to the things that are most important to me! And I can schedule them to allow for the things that are most important to me, My Mothers Funeral, my anniversary, my nieces wedding, etc! Please, look at your life realistically! Yes this disease is the pits! Think of what persons before us must have went through before the newest medicines were developed! So I have learned that if I want any life at all, I have to take them. Yes this disease is horrible, and I am lucky that my family has at least finally accepted that this is the only life I have! No, my house is no longer as clean as I would like, yes I have to be notified of anything important that is coming up, etc. then I can reschedule my meds skipping a day or two at a time and enjoy it! Yes, they are going to wonder why I can't always do things on a moments notice! Nobody will understand that you can go to bed and wake up and suddenly your life has changed. I even have former friends and family that either think I am making this all up or trying for pity! Even when they see my swollen joints, They will never understand that this is not the degenerative Arthritis that all will have if they live long enough! Please, have an honest talk with your family and friends an let them know that you will try to meet their needs, but you must take care of your needs first! I never take my meds early, and if something special slips in, say a funeral I hope that your rheumatologist is as understanding as mine is! He prescribes me prednisone that I can take as needed! It too, is a dangerous drug, but, it can help you to be able to attend your daughters Dance Recital, or your Moms funeral etc! The scientists are working fo a cure, but in the meantime you have a very serious disease! Take your entire family to your rheumatologist, and let him or her explain it to them! Life will never be the same, but with planning, understanding, it can still be good! If you answer this post and give me any kind of way, I will be happy to talk with you, after all we are in this together! I do not know your age or personal information, I am sure in the real world, not the cyber world the most beneficial thing is talking to someone who understands. Just look around and when you see someone with the same crooked fingers and hands as you introduce yourself, theirs might be Osteoarthritis which while can be very painful does not have the same disease you have! Talk to other patients in your rheumatologist office, who knows you may have just spoken to your new best friend! How old are you? Are you married? Do you have children? Do you still have a job? ( I was office manager for a medical practice, very successful, and then over night why world changed! If you are not afraid to post your contact info on line the I will tell you to try to find a way to let me get in contact with you, and we will weather this out together! Your best choice is to tell your rheumatologist to give your name and phone number to a long time survivor, and get a friend who understands what you are going through, I don't know if there is a support group around you or not? Hopefully, there is. I am too freaking old now to know how to share information privately from this site! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Send another message so that I know that you have someone to help you deal with this! You will stay in my prayers! Please answer on this site if my few words helped you at all! Love me

  • Hi valdun. I too am a long time survivor of ra. I think over 25 years and I am only 43 years young! Loved your reply above. Can I keep in contact with you too?!!!! You sound like a good friend to have!!!! Xx

  • Goodness, I love you already! Yes I will give you my personal email address I did not think to give it to the other person but I will! Thank goodness for people who understand! I will go back and do that! Need all the friends I can get!

  • Hiya Valdun. For security reasons it's best not provide personal emails on the main site, particularly on a post which the world can see (if a post is locked to community only there's a padlock image underneath the title of the post). I understand you're being helpful but for personal details if you use private message it's more secure. This is explains how

  • Please passon your email address via the personal messaging system as it is not safe to do it on a public site such as this. We are concerned for the well being of all our users and don't want you to experience any problems. This post isn't locked and so all the world can view it.

    You can PM someone as NMH suggests below.

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • I am about 6yrs down the line with RA like you I have tried many medications most making me nauseous all the time. At last I have qualified for biologics and have been on Benepali since last December - no side effects ! Keep on at your consultant don't give in.

  • Oh I feel for you. General unwellness sucks! I am feeling like that too and I am on medication! I don't think it is working well at all...... It's horrible but we just have to grin and bear it. Be kind to your self x

  • My hospital have decided I don't qualify for biologics and as I can't take dmards I've been told I can't have any treatment until the damage is much worse. They have ignored all the other symptoms

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