Hyperthyroid and RA

I am taking meds for hyperthyroid and RA. My immune system is totally up the wall, but have found if I have a virus or infection my RA goes into overdrive, and am unable to function even with the limited mobility I normally have. If I go to bed - only place I can get warm I am in even more pain than normal when I try to move. And is anyone else totally fed up of people telling you - Its the weather making your RA worse - I WISH!!!

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  • I have Fibro, osteoarthritis, RD and more and I get fed up with people telling me its in my head or Im depressed. No I am not depressed I am B***** angry and frustrated. I hate relying on other people to do things for me and feeling a burden. I believe most of my health problems stem from an untreated thyroid problem but health professionals just say bloods are normal and wont help. Shame I dont feel normal then! Gentlehugs Joolz.x

  • I know what you mean. It infuriates me when people say 'Oh you dont have to tell me about being in pain- when I had badd toothache, sore finger, sprained ankle etc, etc...'. But that goes, this doesnt go. Keep weel huni you are not on you're own and I know how you feel xx

  • I do understand completely. People seem to feel that we should be able to get better quickly, and no one wants to hear the complaints. I can never get over a virus without it becoming bacterial and thus needing antibiotics. Can't seem to fight it on my own. I do understand your concerns. I too have the same ones. Stay cold, limited mobility more so when otherwise sick. Always in,some,sort of pain somewhere on body for 15 years. Pain meds are limited and the body gets inmune to the pan meds. Anyways, god luck, feel better soon, you are not alone.

    Most don't really understand.

    Again good luck

  • That is so like me im on 200 m of thyroid medication and sulfaztine a little cold I got last Monday has turned into flu can't seem to get rid of it will probably need some antibiotics

  • Hi - thank you so much for your reply. I am lucky and have a fantastic GP. Who understands my pain and the fact ALL of my Virus' turn into an infection. We should have some kind of GP awards - I would vote for mine any day. Keep smiling xx

  • What a good idea, they should be recognised! Does the Practice you attend offer an annual Patient Survey form? If so you could praise your GP or any other member of staff, medical or non-medical, there. Part of the form my Practice release has a specific comments page relating to staff (quite brave I think!) where patients can comment on whoever. I've done that & the comments I made appear on it, amongst others. They're anonymous so no worries if it's not so complimentary!

  • I'm still awaiting a diagnosis and joined this group to find information and help about RA.

    Reading your comments on the pain in bed somewhere I used to love to climb into at the end of the day some times now I dread as I know I won't sleep and every move hurts.

    The few people I have told every one of them has said is it the cold weather!!!

    I suffered for months because I didn't know their was such a disease more public knoledge is needed.

  • Bed used to be my sanctuary as well. Now -well I'm lucky to get 3 hours of 'comfortable sleep. I have invested in a very comfortable chair that helps me sleep more comfortably than my bed does. Sad, but worth it for a good 2=3 hours sleep and able to function on a daily basis. Keep smiling xx

  • Maintain the rage my friends (goff witlam) then channel it to survive this horrible illness. Cathie xx

  • Oh yes, had this spouted at me since before I was diagnosed! I have RD & OA but cope far better since having a full med review, including my pain relief, & arrived at the fact that the better quality sleep I have the better I cope during the daylight hours. Increasingly I find infections don't take much to floor me & send me into a flare, just getting over 2 courses of antibiotics at the mo whereas 1 course used to knock most things on the head. Into my 3rd week off MTX but, touch wood, RD just about at bay.

    You could try using the term RD instead of a RA, people tend to focus on the arthritis part & don't on the whole understand it's quite different. Since I've said Rheumatoid Disease it's opened the door to explaining it's an autoimmune disease, one where my body attacks itself (a bit simplistic but it works) & if I'm asked more then I elaborate. I can't tell you how many people say that they thought I "just" had arthritis & not the first idea how many meds I need to take just to keep upright.

    RA = Ruddy Arthritis, RD = Recognised (as) Different. :)

  • It is commendable that you put it that way (RD). Now maybe people won't think this is a joke or just ordinary pain" a little arthritis". There is still so much igno rance with regard to illnesses . I too will is the acronym RD.

    Thank You and good luck with feeling better.

  • Fantastic advice thank you. Have an amazing happy Xmas and new year :))

  • Thank you, & you too. :)

  • Coming down with my Darling sons cold today. I'm hypothyroid and ra.... So with you on this ...blergh! X

  • Have you managed to find any tissues that are actually 'super soft!! I think I'm going to do them for false advertising!!! my nose is redder than rudolphs!! Very festive - hahah hohoho x

  • He he he ho ho ho.. Nope on the tissue front. Think I'll just lay here surrounded by tissues and sulk today. Get well soon x

  • The only ones I can tolerate when my nose becomes red raw are Kleenex original in the little pocket packets, the blue ones not balsam as the stuff they put in them irritates my nose. They hold together well too if you know what I mean! ;)

  • People don't realise you are living with ongoing day to day pains and immobility and frustration even if you are on meds which are holding back the RA.

  • and full of flu ...

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