On top of psoriatic arthritis & Chrons, now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

How p'd off am I! Been on steroids for 5 years and GP says that it's probably due to that but that I may be stuck with it regardless whether or not I come off steroids, of course I would come off steroids if I could but my other drugs don't cut the mustard when it comes to the joints although they do manage the Chrons. I'm currently on Stelara, hydroxychloroquine, celecoxib. Prednisolone, plus the usual supplements. Have lost 10kgs in the last year, not easy when on steroids and limited exercise due to evil joints, I don't drink/smoke, eat pretty well apart from a penchant for chocolate! Anyone else managing diabetes as well? Not sure that I am mentally prepared for another disease and just wanted to vent and feel a bit sorry for myself😋

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  • I don't blame you !!

    I'd be p'..d off as well.

    Go ahead and vent , your allowed and you have good reason to .!

    Take it easy and look after yourself..


  • Thank u thank u. Frustrating is an understatement!

  • No problem ....

    One day at a time, as they say ....

    There all pretty crappy diseases!


  • You're entitled to vent!

    Is the Type 2 non-insulin dependent (you can manage it with food choices and metformin tho' that might be quite an undertaking depending on the impact of Crohn's on your food intake) or do you need insulin or other management drugs?

    Are you being managed for any other consequences of long-term steroids such as osteoporosis (thinking of this in combination with reduced activity because of "evil joints" plus absorption issues associated with Crohn's)?

  • Although I'm a beginner I believe non insulin dependant as I've been told to manage with diet for next three months and we go from there. Yes challenging with Chrons as a lot of traditional healthy food upsets the guts hugely, can't up my fibre, fruit etc as they all upset things. Yes rest is managed with high level vit d and good result on bone scans. I know it could be far worse but as infleximab also gave me drug induced Lupus my faith in modern meds is slim to say the least! I've had PSA for almost 16 years but other things just keep being added in. I just don't know if I can get off steroids as my joints are awful even with them. I've run out of biologics apart from Cosentyx and that one is supposed to aggravate Chrons so it's all become even more challenging and honestly depressing!

  • The sheer complexity of that seems a lot for a layperson to handle and yet it seems as if there are few clinicians who are trained to advise people with multiple conditions - particularly when the treatment can be something that aggravates other conditions and in an individual with known reactions to other medications.

    My very best wishes to you!

  • Keep doing what your doing with your health and if you can lose more weight it will help. I don't know enough about diabetes to really comment. If i was you i would look into it in detail and see what you can to do to help you manage your disease. It is no fun being us is it. Hugs.xxxx

  • No☹️ Sometimes it can be a bit much! I've been looking at different diets and trying to work out which way to go. I already do kefir and probiotics so thinking might go low GI and add in cider vinegar. I'm also doing CBT st the moment which helps a lot with trying to remain positive. Thanks for kind words and support. Great to know good people are out there. Xx

  • I have heard cider vinegar is good. I take aloe Vera juice which helped me with the recovery of my back surgery. My recovery for me has been miraculous . I also take bee pollen with it and i am still taking it and i will continue to take. It has helped me,i am not saying everyone should take it is a personal thing.xxxx

  • Gosh, I don't blame you for feeling fed up! That's such a lot to contend with and no doubt the steroids have played their part in your recent disagnosis.

    I have a very strong family history of type 2 diabetes and I'm trying to avoid as much sugar as I can. My blood sugars are creeping up each year, although I'm not into 'pre diabetic' range (yet!). Funnily enough, I find if I have a couple of days with sugary stuff my RA flares a bit.

    In May my younger sister was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her HbA1C was 12, so quite high and she was told to cut all sugar from her diet. No fruit, only berries and to reduce her carbohydrate intake. She has stuck to it and lost 3 stone and her blood sugar is now only just above the normal range and continues to fall. They are hoping she can manage without Metformin, but only time will tell. Her carb intake is so low (she'll only have a small amount once a day) I'm not sure if it's maintainable in the long run. The dietary advise is so different to when my Mum was diagnosed in the 1980s.

    My sister finds her blood sugar lowers dramatically if she exercises. All very well, she hasn't got RA and can walk and cycle!!! I know I need to exercise more, but have been unable to walk much at all in the last year, apart from the 7 weeks around Christmas time when I was on 40mg Presnisone (dreadful side effects, mainly heart related), but I could walk like a 'normal person'! I am off steroids now, but like you, my symptoms are not fully controlled by my DMARD.

    I hope you can find a way forward with all this and I hope you are getting some proper help from consultants who understand your other conditions. I understand the current thinking is that type 1 and type 2 diabetes overlap and are not as distinct in their origins as once thought (I.e. type 2 could be partly caused by an autoimmune problem in conjunction with the other factors we already know about).

    Best wishes

  • Thanks so much for such an informative reply. It's so frustrating to have so many things to take into consideration. I can't stop steroids as without them I can't function, even dropping 1mg meant I couldn't walk for a month! Yet I have to. I can't exercise as I would like, my blood sugars are all over the place and my Chrons wants to play up at at moment.

    I'm going to try cider vinegar plus a low gi diet and see what happens! Thank u again, do much appreciated!

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